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Tell-tale labor signs?

New to this board so maybe I missed them, but what were your early labor signs, those of you who have delivered? With my last baby, my water broke before I had really noticed any signs, so my doula told me to be on high alert... but it's hard to do that without overreacting to everything.

I will say that I've been, um, clearing my bowels for the past 2 days now, more today than yesterday. I really hope that is either random or means labor is imminent, because I don't want another week of this! Also having some cramping and lots of BH but nothing outrageous.  

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Re: Tell-tale labor signs?

  • It's different for everyone.  I have diarrhea for the last month of pregnancy...or at least I have with all three thus far.  And it sucks.  And my hemmies get awful from it.  
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  • I wish there were tell-tale signs but they just don't exist...well, except for a baby coming out Wink Good luck though! 

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    I haven't delivered this baby yet but I have so many symptoms that could be early labour or prelabour. Those same symptoms can also be regular end of pregnancy symptoms that don't mean too much.

    With my first I had no symptoms and no warning until labour started. With my second my water broke before I had any contractions. They started within a couple hours.

    Edit the symptoms you are having could mean labour will start soon but there's no way to know other than wait. I hope you're feeling better soon and everything goes smoothly when it is time.
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