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A Super Big Scare

We just came back from a mini-vacation, and while it was mostly fun, we also had a huge scare. On Saturday morning in our hotel room, DH was in the shower and I was getting ready.  DH came out of the bathroom and we realized that we didn't see DS.  (There were 2 separate rooms.) We thought he was hiding, but after a quick scan of the room we realized he was gone. He had unlocked the door and escaped.

I thought we'd find him in the hallway, but as we frantically ran up and down the hallway, we didn't see him. All of these horrible thoughts were racing in my head...what if someone pulled him into a room?  Would the police lock down the hotel?

We took the elevator down to the first floor, and when the elevator door opened, there was DS.  He was just standing there, holding the lid to our ice bucket.  Completely oblivious.  I can't believe nobody noticed a toddler alone and that he just got on the elevator by himself.      

Definitely my worst nightmare since being a mom. Seriously -- this toddler is going to send me to an early grave. 

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Re: A Super Big Scare

  • omg! How did he get in & down the elevator by himself? (I realize you probably don't know the answer to that, lol) That is insanely scary! Thank goodness he was ok.

    On another note - how did the sleeping arrangements go?

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  • image bosha711:

    omg! How did he get in & down the elevator by himself? (I realize you probably don't know the answer to that, lol) That is insanely scary! Thank goodness he was ok.

    On another note - how did the sleeping arrangements go?

    We had been letting him push the down button at the elevator, so I guess he decided to try out his new skill.  UGH!  Once inside though -- I'm not sure. The 1 button was a bit of a reach (though possible); the buttons more at his level were the alarm, open/close doors, etc.   We had been "helping" him hit the 1, but I was surprised he pulled it off by himself. 

    So, we had 2 double beds and a couch.   DS did great in his bed with pillows propped on the sides...but the boy would NOT sleep while DH and I were awake.  We were just reading/online in the other room but he was incessantly chatting, and sitting and standing up until after 10:00 when we finally called it a night.  I know he was exhausted, but he was determined to stay up! 

    One funny thing though -- DH slept on the couch every night because we just could not both fit in a double bed.  I didn't realize until this morning when we were packing that the couch actually opened up to a bed!  Oops!  Poor DH could have been sleeping on a bed instead of the couch the whole time. 

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  • lrn327lrn327
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    Oh my goodnes!!!  That must have been so scary and glad you found him fairly quickly.

    We live in a condo and DS uses elevators multiple times per day so he definitely can operate them completely by himself.  Thankfully we have a concierge at the front desk and they all know C so would react right away if they saw him walk past alone, but still, this scares me so much!  He definitely can unlock our front door too so think we'll be getting an extra lock for the top of the door. 

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  • Eeek!  That's terrifying!  I'm glad he was safe though.  We just put locks on the top of all our doors because I see Nate escaping from home.  That's funny about the bed-couch too.



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  • I would have had a heart attack.  Seriously.  OMG!  

    G is extremely proficient at using elevators.  He would totally have done the same thing. 

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  • Oh no! How scary! Sheesh!

    What a little smarty pants you have on your hands!

    Glad he was fine and hope you NEVER experience THAT again! 



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  • That is so scary! I'm do glad you are ok!

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  • Glad he is okay.

    Also I was going to say glad your little guy is tall as M has been known to hit the emergency/ alarm buttons on elevators when I'm
    Not paying attention.
  • Oh god, that is terrifying. Just thinking about how you must have felt is awful. Crying

    We were freaking out about the exact same thing when we were on vacation a couple weeks ago. DS could easily open the door, and the security latch on the door wasn't as high as we would have liked, because DS kept reaching up there trying to flip it. We eventually decided to put our heaviest suitcase in front of the door. We figured it would be hard for him to push and slow him down enough to catch him. DS also likes to use the elevator buttons.

    Even so, when my H was in the shower, and I was reaching outside to put our breakfast dishes out in the hall, DS slipped out the door. I didn't have a key on me or shoes (at least I was wearing clothes!), so I was afraid I'd either be locked out or I'd hesitate too long and lose DS in the hotel. I quickly managed to shove the breakfast tray inside the door way like a doorstop, grab DS and get him back inside.

    These escape artist children are going to kill us! LOL

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  • I would've had a heart attack if I were you!  I'm glad he was ok though but WOW thats super scary.
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  • oh wow - thank goodness everyone is okay! i'd be having a panic attack too. Hugs!

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  • Yikes! Has your heart found its way back into your chest yet? 
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  • Wow!!!  How scary!  I don't even know how I would react in that situation.  Glad you found him safe and sound.
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  • Omg, I would have had a heart attack!  I'm glad he was just fine.  Dang, that's crazy!
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  • EVM1216EVM1216
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    Ack!  That is terrifying.  I'm glad that you found him without too much trouble.  I had a similar scare last week.   I was on the computer upstairs and DD went down to the main level to play.  She was alone for maybe 5 minutes when I hear a big crash and then silence.  I ran downstairs and could find her.  So I looked up stairs, no DD.  I start looking under beds, couches, etc.  I'm convinced she's knocked herself out and I'm just too dumb to find her.

    She was in the basement.  The bang I heard was her closing the basement door (which I didn't know she could open.)  Took me hours to recover.

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  • Wow! So scary! My heart was beating so fast just reading your post!
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  • kj07kj07
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    Oh my gosh Strunella, that is so scary.  I'm so glad he's okay.

    We always put the security latch on hotel doors, but on our last visit to see my grandmother my parents were staying with us and my dad just isn't conscious of those types of things.  Sure enough B escaped down the hall.  Luckily we were in the room at the time and were able to chase him down the hall and catch him before he ran/fell down the stairs.  B of course thought the chase was great fun.

    I have to say, I'm pretty sure I've aged more in the last year and a half than I have in the previous 5 years.

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