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No news is good news

According to the nurse I called with some questions, no news is good news from my doctor about the genetic screening tests that were done May 1st. 

She said my doc usually doesn't call unless there's a problem and she usually talks to the patient about it at the next visit unless there's an abnormal result.

 So she said not to worry if I don't get a call. I'd like to know the results though and my next appointment isn't until June 3rd!

 I'm twiddling my thumbs and waiting. I have to call this week to see about something that my doctor has to answer, so I'll see if there is any news about the results.

 Here's to hoping that all is normal and it's not just a delay in the test results! 

Hope everyone else who is waiting on results gets good news! 

Re: No news is good news

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  • I know what you mean, but you are right.  When I went back in for the second blood draw, the nurse asked if I had gotten a call back and when I said No, she said that was good.  Less than a week after the second draw, I got the good news.  

    Just try to think positive thoughts and keep your mind on other things until you do get the relieving phone call :) 

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  • I had my blood draw on the 25th of May.  My RN told me that they get results in 7-10 days and only call if something looks abnormal.  I haven't heard anything and feel pretty comfortable about it.  I have an appointment on Thursday, I honestly don't even expect my doctor to discuss the results with me.


    I'm surprised that I haven't been more neurotic, but I was also very comforted when I hadn't heard anything after 10 business days. 


  • Same here. We had the testing done about two weeks ago, and didn't hear anything from the Dr. When we went in for our regular appointment at the OB's office she was able to look at the results and everything was good to go! 
  • The test results are in and we're in the negative range for the conditions they tested for!

    I'm also allowed to start exercising and am cleared to mow the lawn on the riding mower and do some other stuff! YAY


    I was so excited to hear the good news. 

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