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Swaddlebees 2.0 fit on a skinny baby

Just curious who has used these on a tallish and slender LO. L has been in mediums for over a year. She's barely over 20 lbs, maybe 22 at most. I figured she'd be in mediums forever. She's still on the first row or two of snaps, but I'm concerned if she's getting too tall. It seems like a good fit to me but I'm not convinced.
So basically I'm wondering when your LOs grew out of them. Or if they're still in them.

ETA and she's 19 months
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Re: Swaddlebees 2.0 fit on a skinny baby

  • My kiddo is 22lbs. He isn't super tall though, just skinny. He fits those on the medium rise with two snaps exposed in the waist. I can tighten it to one set of saps exposed but I am neurotic about having even numbers of snaps on both sides. The legs fit fine. They are maybe a tad loose but we have never had a leak. I think the rolling elastic compensates.
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  • DS just turned 1 year and barely weighs 16 pounds. He is a bit long for his weight, as far as percentiles go.

    We are still on the second row of snaps. 

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  • My 18 month old 22ish lb DD fits in medium Swaddlebees 2.0 and I honestly don't think we will ever need large. She is on 2nd smallest thigh snap and between 2nd smallest and smallest waist snap. Diaper sits below her belly and tbh I prefer low rise dipes. It's one of our favourite diapers as far as fit goes.

    ETA - she is 50th percentile for height. 

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