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So, I have opened my own home daycare and am looking into buying a stroller. I have three of my own (as you can see via tickers) and will definitely have one more infant I am watching in about 2 months. I also watch another toddler a few days a week. 

I am thinking about a quad or six seater. I am really torn as which one to buy. The four seater I know will fit in my pilot but I am not sure of the six seater and really not sure if it is worth extra $$$. 

Thoughts? I want to be able to take everyone to a park, zoo, things like that and even though my oldest can walk he still is little and gets tired too.

Do I go for the six seater and hope it fits in the back of my pilot or stick with the quad that I know will fit and might just have to wear my youngest sometimes for outings?

Thanks in advance!  

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Re: Home Daycare

  • If you went with the 4 seater and brought a baby carrier, that covers 5 kids. If your oldest was walking part of the time, you would only have to baby wear part of the time. 

    Would you ever have someone to help for bigger trips like the zoo? I can't imagine having 5 young kids at the zoo alone anyway. Maybe you could even have a high school student during the summer who could help with trips like that for cheap, and they could push a second single or double stroller. 

    I just feel like the 6 seater would be so expensive and a pain in the butt to push if you weren't actually out with 6 kids all the time.  

    Good luck! 


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  • Thanks for the imput! You'd be surprised, being out with so many little ones isnt too bad. I think I'll probably stick with the 4 seater. 
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  • b0710b0710
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    Honestly, I have no experience with a 4 or 6 seater (it seems like you'd be pushing the equivalent of a minivan haha).  However, kids seem to grow way to fast and get tired of being in the stroller.  When that happens, you could end up with this huge 6 seater half empty.  I would think that the 4 is better, especially if you can wear your LO.
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