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Ugh. I have a nasty cold and I'm miserable.

I will admit, I'm one of those lucky ones who has relatively easy pregnancies I.e. only 2 weeks of morning sickness and have never even  vomited, only had lack of appetite and queasiness in the AM.  I don't get swelling or heartburn either. But I've been sick twice this pg, once with the flu and now I have a bad cold. And seasonal allergies on top of that! I'm so miserable. Between congestion and my big belly I had a hard time sleeping last night. Today I just feel like crying. And I'm ready it meet my baby boy. Anyone else dealt with colds/viruses while pg?  
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Re: Ugh. I have a nasty cold and I'm miserable.

  • Sorry you have to deal with that - and with a 4 yr old on top of everything!  Hope you feel better soon.
  • jrtmomjrtmom
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    I am sorry.  :(  I rarely get sick, and so far this pregnancy I have had a cold/flu about 4 times!!  It is horrible!  I hope you feel better.  Chicken soup and hot showers/baths kind of helped me.  Get better soon!
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  • I'm dealing with a bad cold and allergies plus I'm 4 days overdue now. Midwife told me regular doses of Claritin and lots of fluids. Hot showers also help clear my sinuses. Still going through half a box of Kleenex a day.
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  • skioskio
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    Yeah. I had a terrible cold last week. On my worst days, H got his wisdom teeth pulled and was rendered useless. So I had to take care of him and our two year old while feeling like total crap at 34 weeks pregnant. Fun.

    LOTS of warm liquids with honey, and I swear the neti pot is the best thing ever for congestion. Saline nasal drops are safe, too. I took a Benadryl before bed as per my OB and it helped me sleep. Feel better!
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  • Also get some breathe right strips! They will definitely help you sleep!
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  • jlpevjlpev
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    I had a terrible cold this winter. I tried the nasal strips and those are awesome. Occasionally I took a benadryl at night and sudafed during the day and tylenol for any achy feelings if I felt really bad.
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  • I had streph and the antibiotics I was initially given didn't work. Ended up having to go to the hospital to get an antibiotic shot

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  • I'm in the same boat.  First two babies were easy peasy, zero complications, zero complains, no morning sickness. This baby decided to repay me for having it so easy before.  2 colds, the stomach bug and all kinds of fun complications.  I have a grody cold now too : (
  • I cursed myself and woke up sick today... 39 wks with a head cold...ugh!!!
  • A nose spray like Afrin or Dristan is magic for congestion and safe for baby. Antihistamines like Claritin or Zyrtec are also safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding (avoid the D formulas).

    Stop suffering and take some medicine. 

  • I had 2 horrible colds over this pregnancy and went to my doc for one bc I was so miserable. He recommended lots of fluids, Claritin and throat spray for pain. Tylenol didn't work, so I just sat in bed with a humidifier. You are more likely to get sick while pregnant and it is so annoying. Hope you feel better!
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  • I just got over my cold/cough...it took over a month to clear up!  AWFUL, I know how you feel and I'm sorry.  I was taking Sudafed and Robitussin...and having heartburn on top of all that.  I have been one miserable preg lady for the last month or so!  I also got the flu at 17 weeks and it took me over 2 months to get over those symptoms.  I can't seem to shake anything, and I'm guessing it has to do with  my 3 year old bringing daycare germs home to me :)  I had such a great pregnancy with my DD, and now with DS, I can't seem to fight anything.  I feel for you and hope you get better.  Lots of water and run your humidifier all night long if you can!  It helped me.
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