Not funny but LOL - T&P's needed

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So heard from the agency a bit ago.  The EM had a little girl not a boy and she is in the NICU suffering from withdrawals.  Poor thing.  Reached out to EM and she is probably going through withdrawals too because she was nasty, refuses to call us but has sent lots of text messages pretending like everything was fine since she didn't know we knew.  When we mentioned something about NICU and of course that started her.  We are now seeing all of the lies she told and continues to tell.  CPS will most likely get involved with this case and I am just praying this little girl pulls through and has a normal life.  Agency said they would still pursue this for us but if CPS goes to court, we would most likely not get the child.  I think we are done dealing with this drama, but at least I did get some closure.

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