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Breast and bottle feeding

How do I know my DS is feeding enough in a day? I am breast feeding and topping off with formula as per doctors orders. He nurses for an hour and has 3-4 ounces of formula per feeding. But in a 24 hour period he is only eating 5-6 times. Should I be concerned or is this enough? He is very alert. Putting on weight. 



Re: Breast and bottle feeding

  • I would ask your pedi but that seems excessive. Also, my nurses said 8 feedings a day was the minimum they want to see. I also don't know how old your baby is or what your reason for supplementing is.


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  • As far as nursing you should aim to feed him 8-12 times a day or your supply will definitively be affected.. not sure if that's the reason you're supplementing with formula or not.  I'd talk to your pediatrician about the schedule and how much per feeding, or if the end goal is to not have to supplement anymore you should definitely try to talk to a lactation consultant. 
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  • If he's taking 3-4oz of formula after he nurses, I'm wondering how much he's really getting from the breast.  If you haven't already talked with a lc, you might consider it.  If lo is more than a few weeks old, nursing for an hour is kind of excessive.  Our lc said nursing that long causes baby to burn more calories than they should.
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  • I cant see how old LO is since I'm mobile but my pedi and LC said to aim for 23 to 25 oz a day of combined BM and formula for my 3 week old. This equals out to 2.5 to 3 oz per feeding. Occasionally she will get 4oz total for a feeding it she went past the normal feeding time.

    It's hard when doin both to know what she is getting but I got a scale so I can do weighted feedings and only supplement as needed.


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