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Long car trips with LO

Amy tips for long car trips with LO? I was thinking of starting the trip off right be LO nap time, then stopping to eat when it's one for her to eat and give her a little activity but then when I stick her back in the car I'm afraid she is going to go nuts. We were given some toys that hang from the carseat that we haven't used. I'm thinking I will ride in the back seat with her to help entertain her because I think those little toys will only keep her entertained for so long, plus I don't like not being able to see her for a long time. So is there any other tips to help make the trip easy for lo

Edit, it's about a 5 hour trip




Re: Long car trips with LO

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    I'm intrigued to see what others say. We're driving to the ILs Memorial Day weekend (it's a 7 hour drive pre-baby) and I'm curious.

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  • When possible, we usually would do night drives (leaving at like 7pm), so leave at LO's bedtime since we knew we would get a good long stretch of sleep and quiet driving!  If we drove during the day, someone would sit in the backseat with him to entertain if needed....

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    I'm intrigued to see what others say. We're driving to the ILs Memorial Day weekend (it's a 7 hour drive pre-baby) and I'm curious.

    Me, too. We're making a four hour trip Memorial Day weekend to the ILs. DS also hates his car seat, so he fusses until he falls asleep in it, then wakes up and wants OUT. I bought Sassy Bugs for his car seat bc I heard those were a hit with lots of my friends' babies to engage/distract them. But I'm dreading this trip. The idea of an hour or more of incessant screaming if DS is is fed and changed, but just wants out of his car seat is panicking me, a tad lol. 

  • I don't know if this is an option for you, but we try to leave around bedtime or one feeding before bedtime and this seems to help with the entertainment factor. It does make it a little bit later night for you, but my DH was up for it, and we just put DD right to bed and she stayed asleep the whole time we transferred her.

    If that isn't an option, I would plan for stretch time for your LO, just being in and out of the car seat just to eat will probably not be enough. Also trying to eat yourself and feed LO especially if you are BF will take a really long time I would suggest you eat while driving and feed/let LO stretch at rest stops
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  • Also if you are worried about not being able to see LO I would suggest getting a mirror for the backseat for you to be able to see LO. They sell them at Babies R Us and they are made for the car. I have one that had a remote that looks like a garage door opener. It turns on music on the mirror (my LO loves this and it keeps him calm) and it also has a button for a light that you can turn on to see LO at night. I LOVE my mirror. If LO is melting down I can see if he looks like he is comfortable and safe or if something is wrong with him.
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    We just did a seven-hour trip with LO the first weekend of May. We tried to drive in the late afternoon/evening when we left, but that didn't go well. He was too fussy and wouldn't take his usual nap. One the way home, we left in the morning once LO ate and he ended up sleeping most of the trip. I made sure he had plenty of playtime in the morning before we left so he was ready to sleep. I sat in the back with him so I could entertain him when he was awake. I have some toys on his car seat, and I'd also show him some of the black and white board books that he loves. Good luck!
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  • With DD we have always left in the middle of the night. Depending on how far we had to go. She would sleep most of the way. We have never had to take long stops. Just an idea.

  • I did a three hour trip with my little girl, before we started our trip we went out to eat with my mother & husband. We feed her there before we left by the time we got to our "get gas" place and hour away from where we started she was hungry again after feeding her there we made it the rest of the way(2 hours) without stopping for her to eat because she napped and was really well the rest of the trip.
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