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Gassy baby help??

Hey ladies

Liam is almost 7 weeks old now, and at least twice a day he has terrible fits from gas. We know that's what it is bc he toots as he pulls his legs up and sighs once he gets a few out. Today has been like that almost half the day! We've tried all the tricks we can think of: burping after every ounce, keeping air out of the nipple, mylicon drops, bicycle kicks with his legs, changing formulas... the only formula we haven't tried is soy.

His pediatrician said he doesn't typically prescribe medication for gas, especially at this age. I know this is the FTM in me, but i feel so helpless at this point! watching him wretch in pain is killing me, does anyone have any suggestions or advice for us? He has his 2 month check up next week but his doc didn't think it was an issue at his 1 month. TIA!

Re: Gassy baby help??

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