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Sharing ultrasound pics on Facebook?

Ultrasound pictures on Facebook? What do you think? We're having our A/S this afternoon and I know that I'M really excited to see my baby, as is DH, but there have been a few friends (plus my MIL) that have said they want to see the pics as well. I see other people's US pics on facebook, but to me they all kind of look the same and I don't know if I should post mine or not. Weird? Not weird? Did/would you post it?
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Re: Sharing ultrasound pics on Facebook?

  • I did only because we have family everywhere. Just way easier.

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  • I know a lot of people complain about this. I put them. I have a lot of family and friends who actually care and complain when I go too long without posting a picture. To the people who don't want to see it - don't look at it. Now, I don't post them all. I pick one and add it to the album for that baby. 
  • I only posted one photo (the plain 2d profile) so that friends and family far away could see. Otherwise, I've been just showing people my prints as I see them/they ask.
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    I would email them.
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  • We didn't.  I think I have put a total of 2 pregnancy-related posts on Facebook.  If anyone wanted to see the pictures they asked and we either emailed them (they were loaded on a disc) or we brought them along to show. 

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  • No I don't post mine. I agree that they all look the same and aside from a small handful of family, most people don't care. 

    For me the only exception would be a 3D ultrasound where you can clearly see the face. I think those are pretty neat to look at, especially the comparison shots once the baby is born.  

    ETA - whatever you choose to do, PLEASE don't post pics of your baby's genitals on FB. People don't need to see your boy's penis or girl's vagina to believe you that it's a boy/girl. 

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  • image MallardDucky:
    I did only because we have family everywhere. Just way easier.


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  • I didn't. Nobody knows what they're looking at in an u/s photo unless you're there to explain it to them anyway.



  • jjkayejjkaye
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    image steph 13055:
    We didn't.  I think I have put a total of 2 pregnancy-related posts on Facebook.  If anyone wanted to see the pictures they asked and we either emailed them (they were loaded on a disc) or we brought them along to show. 

    This exactly.

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  • sfulquisfulqui
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    I walk a fine line on FB when it comes to posting anything really. It doesn't bother me when I see people post a lot about their pregnancy or their kids but I know it does bug some people. If that's something that might worry you maybe you might not want to. HOWEVER, it is your profile and if you are happy and you want to share it then I say go for it. As for me I shared two pics so far, one with the announcement where the sonogram was a small part of the pic (I used a projector to project the sonogram over my belly... it was pretty neat) and the second was a gender announcement, no sonogram just me with a gang load of pink lol. 

    But like I said do what you want, you only have one or handful of times to be pregnant, freakin' enjoy it!

  • Juicy71Juicy71
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    I just email them to people.  DH is not into me posting them on FB - he thinks it's weird.  And, I haven't had too much urge to do it... I have one that I love where she's sucking her thumb but since he feels strongly about it I won't do it.

    He would be even more against posting 3d as he thinks they're creepy ;)  I, of course, think our little girl looks adorable in them but I did always think other people's were a little creepy when I saw them.

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  • I've posted a few, mainly for my husbands family in Maine or people I don't see often. I definitely don't post one every time though because I've had quite a few ultrasounds. I don't see a problem with it. People can block my posts if they don't like seeing things like that, doesn't bother me! :) 
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  • I posted one pic of the profile view on our 20w u/s because that was our "announcement". If we had already told people, I wouldn't have posted it. We won't be posting anything else. The people that care (mostly my mom and MIL) have them emailed to them, or if a friend asks, I show them on my phone.



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  • We have put one u/s picture on Facebook - the one from the a/s however was not a very good picture so we did not put that one up. We are having another scan Wed and if they give me a decent picture I will likely put it on there.




  • andy711andy711
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    I've heard people complain about it on here and in not a crazy Facebook poster or anything and really don't think it is a big deal if someone does this! I don't think twice about it when I see it done.
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  • I have seen a lot of people share them, and I don't have a problem w/ it, but we did not and will not be sharing ours. Of course we also decided not to post any pictures of our baby on FB, and ask our family members on FB not to either. We will be emailing pictures to whomever would like to see them.

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  • It takes more work but you can share it with a limited group of people, if you otherwise don't want all of your fb friends to see it. I do that off and on with regular life pictures.

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  • HBirdieHBirdie
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    image Shanmarie1083:

    ETA - whatever you choose to do, PLEASE don't post pics of your baby's genitals on FB. People don't need to see your boy's penis or girl's vagina to believe you that it's a boy/girl. 

     Haha, I promise I won't. We're team green all the way, but even if we weren't, I agree that it's strange. My coworker who's a few weeks ahead of me posted her boy's parts and I felt weird about it! haha

    I appreciate all of the opinions! It's always interested to learn what other people do. I go on FB every day, but don't post too often, especially about pregnancy. I have our announcement and ONE bump photo on there. Guess we'll see if there's any really adorable ultrasound picture today and then maybe that'll go up, too- I have family spread far and wide. My DH has a FB, but never uses it. He doesn't care one way or another.

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    Caleb: 10.9.13
  • I posted one profile picture a clear 2d one so my family far away could see.
  • I posted u/s pictures. I've never posted the "money shot" and never will.
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  • I posted them for family, since we live so far from home. I also have a rule that I don't add people on facebook that I don't know well enough to have a conversation with in person. I agree though, I didn't put any of her "girl parts" lol just pictures of her sweet face :.


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  • I didn't post my US pics, but I messaged a few privately on facebook and included them in there.



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  • cvl105cvl105
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    I do...I don't care if others don't like it. My family, who all live in another state, like to see the pics and updates and I post it for them...and for my friends who do care. If someone doesn't care, they can skip over the post.
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  • I thought the same thing ! Our ultrasound probably looks just like everyone else's but it's not everyone else's baby . I post my belly pictures and ultrasound pictures mainly to see my progress and that way once she's here I can look back on it . Also our families love seeing the pictures . We even printed out pictures of the ultrasounds an both soon to be grandparents have them on the fridge !
  • It is REALLY not my thing. To me, it is the definition of overshare. I never need to see a pic of someone's uterus. People can want to see those photos, it doesn't mean I have to share them.
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  • I didn't but wouldn't have a problem doing so. I ended up just emailing it, I prefer the email to FB anyway
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  • vulpinivulpini
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    I chose not to post any and just email them to the close family that we wanted to share with.  I know that some people I know on facebook feel that ultrasound pics are too private/intimate.  I also realize that a lot of people just aren't that interested in seeing them because they all look pretty much the same.  So I figured it would be better to not post them at all and if anyone really wanted to see them, they'd ask me for them and I'd send an email.  

    If I had a large family that wanted to see them, I'd post with privacy settings just for them.  It's easy enough to do, so I don't get the "I have family far away" explanation for posting for everyone you ever met.

    I don't mind seeing other people's ultrasound pics, as long as it's limited to a handful of pictures, not a giant album, and no genitalia.

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  • I did. Our nearest family is 9 hrs away. The rest are all over the United States. So for me and DH that is how we keep in touch and share our lives with them when we can't be with them. They have been able to watch my son grow up as will they will soon watch my daughter grow.
  • image Shanmarie1083:

    ETA - whatever you choose to do, PLEASE don't post pics of your baby's genitals on FB. People don't need to see your boy's penis or girl's vagina to believe you that it's a boy/girl. 

    Thank you! I thought I was the only one who thought posting the potty shot picture was weird! I showed my family and that's it! Not everybody needs to see my sons peen! On the OP note. I have not posted any baby pictures. Not that I have anything against it at all. I just know most people aren't as excited as I am to see it. They all look the same anyway! I also will absolutley not be posting any "bump" pictures. Although people ask me all of the time. Not good for somebody with body issues! I did post a few pictures leading up to my gender reveal, and post a few pregnancy related posts. But I'm by no means an oversharer.

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  • I did not and all my family is scattered all over the world.  I emailed it to anyone who expressed interest and posted it on a private family website we have.  I know that before I got pregnant I thought ultrasounds were both weird and uninteresting.

    But I agree, just do whatever you want. Some people will love it.  
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