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Magic Seahorse!

Yesterday my DH bought DS a Fisher Price Lullaby Seahorse. It's this Seahorse toy that's stomach glows and it plays soft lullaby music. I cuddled it with him last night as I rocked him to sleep and have given it to him for every naptime today and it is MAGIC! He goes right to sleep and keeps snoozing as long as the music is playing. And it's so cute, he's holding onto it and hugging it. Happy Mommy.
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Re: Magic Seahorse!

  • Kids either zomgLOVELOVELOVE the seahorse or are completely indifferent toward it.  Same with Sophie La Girafe.  
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  • We have the seahorse too! Absolutely love it!!!
  • We recently re-introduced the seahorse to our 28 month old and he still loves it!  We got DS2 the monkey version... same concept, different music.
  • Reminds me of the gloworm I had as a kid. BUT i am not saying this to scare you or anything but my cousin had this for her son and the battery pack caught fire. She looked it up and apparently it's a really common thing to happen with this seahorse. Never use rechargeable batteries and just be cautious when you change batteries.
  • We have the seahorse too, but my LO pretty much ignores it. Although that was around 2 months, so maybe we should try it again now that she is older. DH hates it though, he thinks the music is annoying lol!
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