weaning process after 1 year -- advice please!

With DD1, we began the weaning process around a year, but she had always gone back and forth between the breast and bottle, and had dabbled in some occasional formula. So around a year, we just did the "don't offer don't refuse" and switched to cow's milk bottles with her, which ended altogether around 18 months.

Flash forward to now -- DD2 is going to be 1 next week and we are down to 3 nursings a day. My question: For exclusive BF moms who weaned around a year, did you just use sippy cups of milk? I plan to gradually drop feedings over the next few months and use the "don't offer or refuse" method again.


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Re: weaning process after 1 year -- advice please!

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    I started dropping one feeding a week.  I substituted WCM with a sippy cup.  Once we were done with the daytime feedings of bm, I stopped nursing him to sleep and my DH gave him a bottle of bm right before he sleeps.  (I was intentionally not by him.)  We have frozen bm until Wednesday (this week).  Starting Thursday, he will have milk in a sippy cup at night (no more bottles and no more bm).  Then, we will brush his teeth, and hopefully sleep.  Hopefully, he is ok with it because I have no more bm.  My milk supply tanked around 11 months, and I barely made it to a year.

    For what it is worth, he has done wonderful with this process.  He hasn't complained yet.  But, we will see what happens Thursday night.

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