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R n P Transition

Hi ladies, 

I am thinking about transitioning LO from his RnP soon, and am wondering how it went for others.  When did/will you move LO from the RnP? What did you move him to? How did you do it? We're there any issues or challenges? LO is in the RnP now because he refused to sleep on a flat surface when he came home from the hospital.  He is just starting to sleep better at night and I am nervous about messing it up! Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences or insight! 

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Re: R n P Transition

  • CougFanCougFan
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    DD is sleeping great in it so I will wait until 3-4 months. No sense in messing with a good thing!!
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  • MrsJ723MrsJ723
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    I'm curious about this as well and hope someone has good advice or tips. DD doesn't sleep for long in her crib so we've been putting her in the RnP at night. I plan to start trying to put her down for naps in the crib around 2 months and hopefully into the crib at night after that, but if that doesn't go well, I'll probably try again around 4 months.
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  • We transitioned LO to his crib at 3 weeks. He was already napping in it during the day so the transition went smoothly.  Good luck.
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  • DS is 6 weeks tomorrow and I am thinking of trying the crib again. He hasbeen sleeping in a bouncy seat due to reflux, but since he has been on prevecid his reflux and his sleeping have been improving. so i am going to give the crib with an inclined mattress a try again. If it doesn't work I will go back to the bouncy seat again for a bit. My pedi said that by 3 months she wanted him in his crib, so I have a little time to figure it out.
  • I tried tonight and it was a big fail. He is sleeping soundly in his bouncy seat :
  • acesupacesup
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    DD slept in it until she was 6 months. she had reflux and after such a rough start there was no way i was messing with something that worked. we moved her the crib at that point and elevated the mattress and also put rolled receiving blankets under the sheet so that they cuddled her a bit on the sides like the r n p had. she transitioned with zero issues and within a week or two we had the mattress flat and the blankets out of the sheet. 

    i will probably leave DS in there for several months as well. i will probably try to transition him before i go back to work and he goes to daycare. he will be 5 months.  

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