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Mommy Brain! Haha

So I'm still dealing with this stupid sore throat, but ibuprofin seems to help, so I am taking one of my hospital-grade ibuprofin tablets at night so I don't cough and can sleep.  I was mad this morning, though, because when I woke up to feed DS and then woke again this morning, my throat hurt as much as it did when I went to bed instead of feeling better.  I thought, well, ibuprofin isn't working anymore; time to call the doc.

As I was getting dressed this morning, I put my hand into my jeans pocket to flatten it out, and guess what I found in there?  LOL.  I had stuck the pill in my pocket last night because I was also having ice cream, so between my ice cream mug and my glass of water, my hands were full.  I planned on getting to the couch, taking the pill, and then relaxing with my ice cream.  Seems I missed a step!

As an aside, I am wondering if I should just go get some Claritin and see if that helps before I call the doctor.  It is an approved med according to KellyMom, and since the pain seems to come and go (it's not too bad right now but will feel like I am being stabbed in the throat come evening) I'm wondering if I really have developed allergies.



Re: Mommy Brain! Haha

  • I don't know about anyone else but ibuprofen has never helped my sore throat. I also have pretty bad allergies and sore throat is never really a side effect of it. If it is its usually accompanied by other things. Are there any other medications you can take made specifically for sore throats? I am not breast feeding so I don't know what's approved by mucinex worked great for my recent sore throat.
  • It might be post nasal drip. Me and DH get it. Sudafed helps but not sure if you can take that while BF.
  • image fitzgirl17:
    It might be post nasal drip. Me and DH get it. Sudafed helps but not sure if you can take that while BF.

    Sudafed could cause a dip in your supply (temporarily).  Claritin is considered safe for BFing. 

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  • My sisters milk dried up after taking sudafed so be careful.  It was pretty early though at only six weeks.

    ive been taking Claritin without a problem and it has helped with the post nasal drip and resulting sor throat  

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