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family drama!

Well my Mil offered to pay for all of dd's nursery and to make it. She is awesome at sewing. She had all boys and this is her first girl to shop and sew for. My mom helped make everything for DS but she never offered to help with dd's nursery or even ask about her nursery at all till this week. My rcs is next Tuesday.
She surprising asked about it yesterday and got butt hurt that I didn't need her help and that we were almost done. I hadn't let anyone see it until I was finished. So I sent her pics last night after we finished. She said she wished she could have helped but wasn't asked. But she is the one who wanted to make ds's nursery and didnt want my mil to help. So i let her do that and my mil to dd's. Geeze!!! Now I feel like a horrible daughter but she hadn't even asked how it was coming or anything!!
Sorry its long but my mom only lives 10 minutes away and only sees DS who is 2, about once a month. He doesn't call her grandma or anything BC he barely knows her or my dad.
Ok I'm done venting. I just dont get my mom sometimes!!
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Re: family drama!

  • You are about to have another baby- this is not the time for her to come and be like "what?!  I'm not included!?!".  She should have figured that the nursery would be done by now so IMO, it's too little, too late and you should NOT feel bad.  It's nice that she wanted to help, but I would just say something like "I really appreciate you wanting to be supportive- I'm sure I'm going to need your help when this baby comes along and I have 2 kids to handle" (whether that's the truth or not).
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  • I agree with PP. If your RCS is next week, you are obviously at the very end. If she was really that interested in helping again, why didnt she ask you 3-4 months ago? It sounds like she is jealous that MIL helped this time. I would ignore it and focus on the new baby coming. :)


  • I'd just ignore it.  She's a big girl...and you included her.  You sent her a picture;)  Also, if she got to help with one nursery I would think that would be enough.  I don't really understand parents that get all butthurt over not being able to help.  You're an adult and she's already raised you.  GL with your RCS:)
  • Oy. If it was so important to her to be involved then why is she just now asking you about it?? That's pretty crappy of her to make you feel bad about it. I'm sorry!
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  • jlpevjlpev
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    Thank you for your input. I get so annoyed by my mom BC she's extremely overly sensitive. I love her but she just drives me nuts!
    She does this stuff all the time.
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