I feel like a bad mom

So I have been breastfeeding my 11 day old son. Last couple days he did not want to breastfeed and I ended up giving him a bottle, with breast milk. I would always try breast first. I know i'm producing enough but he just did not want to latch.. I love breastfeeding but he really isn't latching well... I feel so awful for not getting him to latch anymore..anyone else have a problem with this? Any ideas or advice?

Re: I feel like a bad mom

  • You are not a bad mom!! BFing can be a challenge.... but if you really want to make BF work, I suggest going to a support group or contacting a lactation consultant to help get your LO back to the breast.  And in the meantime, make sure you are using BF-friendly bottles and giving them very slowly in a BF-friendly manner (kellymom has tips). 

    My LO didn't really figure out how to BF until she was 3 weeks old, but at almost a year we are still going strong and I'm glad I stuck it out in those rough first few weeks.

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  • I am having a really hard time with latching. I posted my issue below yours title struggling. Try a support group or lactation consultant in your area. You aren't a bad mom.
  • You are not a bad mom!  Breastfeeding is hard work! I suggest seeing a LC or finding someone from the LLL to help.  It could be the easiest problem to fix if the proper person sees what is going on. 
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