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9 months post partum and abs still separated

I am 9 months PP (yesterday!) and my abs are still very separated :(  Are there any exercises that can help this or would I need surgery? I want more babies so probably wouldn't want to have surgery until after I have more babies..  anyone else have experience with this?

Thanks and happy late mothers day!! 

Re: 9 months post partum and abs still separated

  • There's only so much that exercise can do for diastasis recti. Wait until you're done having kids, and then consider a tummy tuck with muscle repair. 



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  • thats what I thought. thanks :) 
  • It depends on how severe your separation is.  For mild separations, exercises really can help.   

    Does your insurance company cover physical therapy?  If so, I'd find a women's health PT in your area.  They will be able to give you exercises specific to your needs and advance your program as needed.


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  • A pilates instructor at my gym who has a 1,5 year old recommended the tips given for free on this site (apparently the actual system is really expensive): I haven't looked yet and as I am still pregnant, the exercises she recommended for me right now won't really help for post-baby getting in shape...

    FWIW, she also said that it took her a full 1.5 years to get her own abs back into shape!! Made me feel a lot better about how separated my abs were after my first two kids and gave me hope that I might actually get into shape after I'm done having babies!!

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  • I have no affiliation with this program and only just found it last week but this woman's website claims to have exercises that help close diastasis. She also sells a corset thingie that is supposed to help. Who knows if it works but I'm going to do some of the exercises because I figure it can't hurt.




    Google "tupler" to find the blog. I don't have it open anymore in my browser.

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