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2 month check up

Any one taken LO for the 2 month shots yet?  Ours is tomorrow.  Pedi warned us LO may be fussy, have fever, diarrhea, etc from the shots.  Ekk!Sad


Re: 2 month check up

  • My LO was just sleepy. She was crankier than normal when she was up but I wore her basiclly all day and she slept alot that day and the next
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  • Lexi was fine. The 2nd after her shots she was so cranky because her leg seemed sore. The worst is silent scream she did when they got her with the shot. Just silent mouth open and tears. After that we held her for 2 minutes and it was like nothing had happened! Way worse for us than them!
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  • Ours is tomorrow also. I'm so scared. I have to go alone because DH works. I took the day off work to take care of her in case she's not feeling good. I will be glad when its over.
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    He stopped crying the second I picked him up. He was very fussy a few hours later so I gave him some medicine. Fine after that.


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    Mine was totally fine.  He cried when they gave him the shot, of course... but the next day he was MORE cheerful than normal.  He was happy and smiling all day, so apparently I have an Opposite Day baby.
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    He SCREAMED and turned bright red during the shots, it was so hard to watch. But, he calmed down quickly. Had a slight fever that evening, but was ok after one dose of Tylenol.

    Make sure to find out from the doctor the appropriate Tylenol dosage, in case you need it. The nurse had just said to give him up to the recommended dosage. I didn't realize until around 9 pm that night that the box of infant Tylenol says consult the doctor for appropriate dosage. Thankfully I was able to find it in the Baby 411 book, but it varies by the weight of your baby.
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  • Ours is Thursday. Not looking forward to it : luckily DH is coming with for moral support...for me! Seeing her cry from pain is going to be tough! Good luck!
  • Ours is Wednesday. Idk how I'm going to do it. DH is working so I have to go alone and idk how I'm going to comfort two babies since they're too big now to hold at the same time...
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  • Ours is Wednesday. My Dh isnt happy because it falls on his birthday.oops...lack of sleep helped with that planning. I'm more worried about my two year old behaving when her sis is being checked.

  • So we are ahead of you guys with immunizations...we have already had our 4 months. His 2 months were givenin the NICU but we got the 4 minths at the pedi a few weeks ago.

    He screamed during the shota but atopped as soon as I picked him up. He slept all afternoon and had a 99.6 temp at bedtime as I gave one dose of Tylenol and he slept well. That was other symptoms.

    Hugs for those of you going in this week!
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  • image MillerMama13:
    Ours is tomorrow also. I'm so scared. I have to go alone because DH works. I took the day off work to take care of her in case she's not feeling good. I will be glad when its over.

    Our appointment is on Monday. I also have to go alone because my husband has to work. Dreading it so much.
  • My LO didn't have a fever or anything, she wasn't fussy.  She only slept a bit longer in the morning after her shots.

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  • Ive heard, that if you are BF, put them directly to your breast after the shots to help calm them. 
  • Thanks for the advice! I will try it.  DH is going to leave work early so I will have some extra help.
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