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Solids for a 7 month old

Quick question....How many "meals" are you feeding your 7 month old?

DD is currently getting 2 "meals"--essentially breakfast and dinner. I cant remember what we did with DD1, but when did you increase to 3 meals? 

And yes, I am fully aware that food does not replace breastmilk, should be fed AFTER nursing/bottle etc. 


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Re: Solids for a 7 month old

  • We give our LO Oatmeal for breakfast, a fruit for lunch, and a vegetable for dinner. We used to just do the morning and evening until now. He's 7 months.


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  • DD only gets two solid meals -- cereal and a veggie in the AM and usually yogurt and a veggie at dinnertime. I don't think she'd eat a third meal at this point, without sacrificing some of her milk. Just take your baby's lead. If she seems exta hungry, there's nothing wrong with adding in lunch, but it's certainly not a requirement.
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  • we do 3 meals a day, plus 4 eight oz bottles.  DS2 is 7 months and will even eat a 2nd or 3rd helping!
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  • I started doing 2 "meals" of applesauce and/or bananas a day about 2 weeks ago (so DS was about 6.5 months).

    I am trying to get my supply of breast milk back up, so we have stopped solids for a month or two. 

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  • DS2 gets 3 meals in additional to his bottles.  He gets oatmel and a fruit in the morning when he gets to DC, has a veggie around 2:30pm and then has cereal and another solid food when we sit down for dinner. This was all per the pedi's recommendation.
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  • Thanks everyone. It sounds like 2 or 3 meals are both standard at this age so Ill have to see what DD seems to like. She seems like she would eat more if I let her so maybe Ill send a veggie into daycare as her "lunch" for her a few days a week and see how she does.

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  • image maggielcombs:
    We give our LO Oatmeal for breakfast, a fruit for lunch, and a vegetable for dinner. We used to just do the morning and evening until now. He's 7 months.

    This exactly! They love their solids!!!!
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  • I was feeding DS 3 meals a day, but lately it's mostly 2 (B & D).  DS usually naps around 12 noon so by the time he wakes up, it's too late for lunch.  I like to eat with him, but I don't want to wait until 2:30 or 3p to eat my lunch!  So we do B & D together, and I eat lunch by myself when he naps. 
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  • I'm curious with your babies eating 2-3 meals how much formula is your little one taking in?
  • At 7 months baby was just getting 2 "meals" cause was interested more in breastmilk. I guess you could go with 3 meals if your LO enjoys solids. You could find "food inspiration' and specific recommendations here: if you face a "lack of inspiration stage"
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    DD1 had three meals at that point and still took all of her bottles. I'm still doing 2 meals with DD2. I think it depends on the baby but either 2 or 3 sounds good for a 7 month old.

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  • 3 meals a day (1.5-2oz) and all 5 bottles totaling 32oz. 

    My pediatrician recommended changing to food > formula, but I am not keen on that advice. I think formula is far too important for the first year. He could always eat more. I swear he's a bottomless pit with solids. 

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  • We do 2 meals... Oatmeal & a container of fruit for lunch. And a veggie container for dinner with snacks... Working on puffs and mum mums. Also starting to attempt real food...He did good with a chunk of banana this weekend. I don't know when we'll be able to squeeze in a 3rd meal cause he's never real hungry in the am. Might not be a breakfast kid.

    also has 4 6oz bottles, on average. And however much he drinks during the night. 


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    We do 3 meals.  He has yogurt with pureed fruit in the morning after he has nursed, a veggie lunch (I usually give him a choice of 3 to choose from.  We do a modified BLW) after he nurses or has bottle at DC, and then a carb (this week oatmeal), a veggie and a fruit for dinner after he nurses at night.  He has really started to take in food over the past week or so.  But is still nursing just the same. 
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