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I'm having trouble with little one and have been pumping for the last few days. Still working with an LC to try and get mu 3 week old back on breast, but considering doing EP if that doesn't work. I'm concerned about how hard it is and how feasible it will be for me to keep it up. I have a 2.5 year old at home so that's one challenge. Do you feel stuck at home since you have to pump regularly? With my first baby, we were out and about a lot, with him napping on the go and nursing when needed. How do you fit pumping in? Over the last 3 days that I've been pumping I've felt glued to the house. Any other really helpful tips would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    On the go is much easier when you master pumping in the vehicle. I pump every time we drive somewhere. If you are the one driving, get a hands free pumping bra. Today we went to both parents houses and I pumped on the way to each one and on the way home..... it worked out so well! It was also nice because unlike with nursing, I had other people feed the twins! I appreciated the help :)
  • I definitely felt that way when I first started and was trying to establish my supply.  I was very regimented in pumping every 2 hours during the day and no more than 4 at night.  It was worth it, though, because now I don't have to be quite so strict on it.  I don't think I could have done it with a toddler and a newborn, though.  Not saying that you won't be able to, but it is definitely a chore and takes time away from your LO while you're attached to the pump.  Good luck and definitely get a hands-free pumping bra!
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    I second the car pumping. I just got a car adapter from eBay and it has enabled me to resume a somewhat normal life with outings. If I can't get back to the car in enough time, I make sure ill be near an outlet come pump time. If I can't do either, I just don't go. 

    I have yet to attempt driving while I pump (as I have yet to purchase a hands-free pump bra), but I must say pumping while DH drives is like pumping on a rollercoaster. For the most part, I spend a ton of time at home pumping.

    Good luck! Hope you find something that works for you.  

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  • I have a 3yo and am pumping for twins.  And yes, I feel pretty glued to my house.  While I do pump if DH is driving, I just can't bring myself to do it while I'm driving three kids around.  For me, that would be a little too much going on at once.

    I pump 8-9 times a day, but once the twins hit two months, I plan to drop to 6 times a day.  If my supply drops, I'm willing to accept that.  But, I need more mobility and time with three kids running around!

    As someone said, for the first six weeks besides pumping on the go there really aren't many short-cuts -- just what seems to be constant pumping.  However, it goes by fast, you get in a routine and if you establish a good supply you have more freedom later on. 

  • I pump in the MOTN when DS wakes, DH feeds, usually around 3a. Then I pump at 830am before DH goes to work. Then 1230-1 when DS#1 naps. 430-5 and after DS#1 goes to bed. I know that's only 5 pumps, but it works for me, I'm still pumping double what DS needs and if my supply drops that's ok with me.

    Before I discovered what a ridiculous oversupply I had, I would pump every 3 hrs all day and when DS woke in the MOTN. I would pump in the car while driving to errands, appts, visiting people, etc. I try to not need to pump when DS#1 is awake because it's way too hard!



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    I agree with pumping in the car. Here are a few more tips that I've noticed have helped me.

    - What kind of pump do you have? I have Medela PISA with a tote. While most of the time I use the wall charger, sometimes I also use the battery pack. That way I can put the tote over my shoulder and take care of other things while pumping. It's also helpful when I'm at family or friends home because I throw a nursing cover over it and do stuff with the tote on my shoulder and my chest covered.

    - How is your supply? Definitely keep your pumping up until about 12 weeks, but it's okay if you only pump 8 times a day. While DS was in the NICU I think I pumped at most 9 times a day. When he came home at 3 weeks and since then, I think my max has been 7 pumps per day. That way I'm able to space things out a bit more and get out for longer stretches of time.

    - A common EPer tip is to store your pumping parts in the fridge in a baggie. That way you only have to clean everything once, thus saving you time. Something else I do when I want to be out is keep my pumping pieces connected and attached to a 9oz bottle then store it in a little cooler with ice packs. It keeps the pieces cool enough so that if we're out, all I have to do is head to the car, get everything set up, and pump.

    It's inevitable to feel tied to the house though; especially the first month or so. But keep up the good work!

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