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i hang over on the adoption boards. I'm adopting (hopefully) a newborn in July. The expectant mom plans to nurse in the hospital, and wants to pump to provide us with breast milk to feed  the baby. We are likely going to have to supplement this with formula as well. I know that there have been adoptive women who have induced lactation through a combination of drugs and herbs and pumping. I'm not going to be one of those women. After years and years of fertility drugs I don't want anything vaguely resembling a synthetic hormone in my body. I'm currently planning on using Lact-Aid to nurse using the expectant moms milk and formula. I know that there is a slim chance that I'll induce lactation from this-but I'm wondering if anyone has a clear reference to an herbal protocol that might assist in inducing lactation...


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Re: Adoptive Breastfeeding

  • Google search and talk to your ob.  It's usually the hormones from pregnancy and birth that trigger the development of mammary and the beginning of milk. I have seen several articles where women have been able to do it at least a bit. Believe drugs were involved though. 
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    LLL has several good resources about inducing lactation. One thing you'll also want to do is start pumping now. It will also send the message to your body to start producing. It is definitely possible, you just want to get started ASAP. Good luck!

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  • A friend of mine was able to induce lactation in preparation for the birth of her adopted daughter.  She pumped for 30 minutes every 3 hours around the clock for 6 weeks before the baby was due, took Domperidone, and drank a lot of water!  She is now successfully breastfeeding her 3-month old daughter! 


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