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diaper rashonly symptom?

Dd has confirmed dairy, wheat, pnut allergies. She is almost 2 and never had much trouble w diaper rashes until the last month or so. It's not clearing up even after two rx creams. Anyone have diaper rash as their only symptom? Her other allergies have always resulted in eczema and/or hives. I hope I'm getting nervous about this for nothing.
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Re: diaper rashonly symptom?

  • EmR22EmR22
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    When my DD was starting baby foods whenever we would give her peaches she would get a horrible diaper rash and diarrhea. We stopped with the peaches and it would clear up. We never formally had her tested for the allergy but in our heads it seemed to be the reason. Especially because after it had cleared up her daycare accidentally gave it to her again and she got the rash back. 

     Any unusual foods lately? Or perhaps it could be more of an aversion than an allergy? 

  • ehnastoehnasto
    I know it sounds odd but my cousin had a similar situation with her twins. It turns out they are allergic to red dye in foods and drinks. She has found the all the other colors don't bother them, even though orange has the same red dye in it. I guess it is the concentration.
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