I had my baby boy on May 1st, 24 days early, bc of placental abruption. Ever since the beginning we have had trouble with bfing. Because of flat nipples we have to use the nipple guard. Then his bilirubin was elevated and he was jaundice. I had to stop bfing for 24 hrs and only bottle feed. After that he wouldn't latch for 3 feedings. Now we are still having to alternate between formula and bf and he just won't latch or he'll scream for 510 mins before he will latch. I am so frustrated and upset. I know I can pump and give in the bottle but it kills me that I can't have this bonding experience with him. Does anyone have any advice.

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  • Relax. When he starts crying you relax. I learned that the tender I got, the harder if got to get Lo to latch. Also, pinch the area, not really pinch, but gather the skin around the nipple to get a little more for him to latch on to. Hold him tummy to mummy, nose at nipple and brush his lips with it. Try not to force it into his mouth. Above all, relax. It will happen. Also, nipple shields work great.
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  • Same as pp. Also crying is a late sign of hunger. Try and offer when early hunger signs start: rooting, hands to mouth, and sticking tongue out. Then he will not be upset and hungry. Practice practice practice. You can do it!! Your doing awesome!

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