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My LO is 10weeks old and has been in nutramagen since about 4 weeks bc she was very fussy, arched back during feeding etc. dr immediately switche her to nutramagen. We went in for her 1 month check up shortly after and he suspected he has reflux based on symptoms that hadn't cleared up. She did much better on nutramagen but after a few weeks began spitting up more. The Zantac seems to help bc I did teke her off it or a week and noticed a big difference. So when we went to her 2 month appointment different doctor she said she thought she may just have reflux and doesn't necessarily need nutramagen and suggested switching to soy and adding 1tbs of rice cereal to control her spitting up. So we started that on Tuesday and since Wednesday or Thursday she has been constipated with very hard small balls if poop. Before her poop was very soft. Is this due to the soy formula or the rice cereal? Has anyone else made a switch like this and experienced this?
Thank you for any advice you can give! FTM

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