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I was sitting on the floor and my excited 3 year old ran into me...falling into my lap and he whammed his elbow into my belly. It hurt only for a minute, but now I'm so nervous. Should I just relax about this? check in with doc tomorrow? get another ultrasound?


Re: nervous

  • As hard as it is to do try to relax unless you are in extreme pain or start bleeding. The baby is pretty well protected. Now I do know it is easier said than done and you know your body better than anyone else so trust your instinct. Good luck!
  • my 3 year old kicked me in the stomach the other day when I was getting her dressed.   Not an intentional kick, but she didn't want to put her pants on.  haha    I was concerned for a mere minute, then realized that the baby is pretty protected in there.
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  • Whenever I find myself in these situations, I think of the show "I didn't know I was pregnant." I'm sure those ladies have done worse/had worse done to them and their babies always come (surprise!) at the end of 9 months. You should be OK :)
  • You should be ok. The baby is very well protected in there. If you notice any symptoms like cramping and bleeding then I would be more concerned. I fell on ice when I was pregnant with ds and was so scared but my ob said not to worry the little peanut is well protected.
  • Thank you for all of your reassurances! Smile
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