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Just looking for a place to ask questions when I have them. I'm a 25 year old first time father-to-be. My girlfriend is 7 weeks 1 day today and our first appointment is Friday. Excited is an understatement, now if I could only get over the paranoia that this is "too good to be true" and the fear that the appointment will be less than satisfactory. She's had minimal symptoms and 3 positive home pregnancy tests and my mind runs a million miles a minute regarding this.

 Just wanted to introduce myself. Hey guys.

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  • Congrats, and welcome.

    I hope her minimal symptoms will continue. I don't expect that, but I *hope* it ;)
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
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    Congrats.  It would definitely be nice if she is one of those lucky few that don't get the sickness.

    Oh and welcome

  • No sickness yet. I know my paranoia is irrational, but I would feel more secure if she had every "textbook" symptom known to man. However I realize this is selfish and she's fortunate to not be miserable. She's mostly just more fatigued than usual.

    Just gotta make it to Friday, hopefully the appointment kinda hoping for an ultrasound will shut me up for a while. I'm going crazy. I have a job that places me in frequent stressful situations and I am always composed and fine. It's crazy how perspective changes when it's your family.
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    Hopefully it will be a successful pregnancy and all goes well.  Some of us have toddlers and others have two or more children so we can help you with questions.

    As for books, some like them others like me that came from a large family and was second oldest grandchild didn't need the books as much.

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  • Welcome, kodiak!  And congrats!!

    Symptoms are a double edged sword.  You want to see them, but when they appear, you want them gone!

    Just enjoy the newness of it all, and pamper her a little bit...after this appt. it will hit you big time.  Believe that!!


  • Welcome and congrats!

    Good advice given so far, hold on its a wild ride but well worth it.

  • Man I wish I could go back and live through the pregnancy again. The whole time I felt like a supporting cast member and thought it went by so slow and wanted the baby to get here.

    Now, looking back.. it goes by fast. And now that the baby is here.. things are going at a lightning pace.

    Enjoy it while you can man. Read the books. Build the furniture. Paint the room. Those are some of the best memories with my wife that I will always cherish- preparing for the baby to get here.  

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