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Rave about your Mothers Day.

Lets here some raves.

What did you get? What are you doing to celebrate?


Re: Rave about your Mothers Day.

  • DH took on both morning feeds and I got to sleep for 8 hours, minus 15 minutes I got up to pump.

    He hired a massage therapist to come to the house his afternoon as my gift.

    My parents are coming over for lunch and to take some family pictures with the baby girl.


  • My H cleaned the shower/tub for me.  Good enough for me, I HATE cleaning the tub.  Now if only I would stop PP bleeding so that I might enjoy a bath ::tears::
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  • My fianc and daughters made me breakfast "in bed" I was on the couch. And LO took a cat nap long enough for me to eat it warm :. Perfection right there :.
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  • Aside from getting up to pump and feed LO, I got over 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time since she's been home from the hospital.

    I am going to shower, fix my hair, AND wear makeup!

    My mom is coming over and we are taking DH's mom out for lunch.

    It's gonna be a good day!
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  • We are heading to church for DS's first time, then sushi since I haven't had any since getting pregnant. I got tulips, a sweet card and a pretty necklace that matches the theme of thee nursery. Hoping we get naps today, too!

  • I switched shifts with DH around 5 so I fed LO and we cuddled until she fell back asleep. So far I've had my morning coffee and gotten some snuggles in with the puppy as well. DH also had a card from him and one from M along with the Willow Tree Guardian figurine. Earlier this week my mother's necklace came from Etsy and I'm in love with it. Soon we'll all head to church for the first time since M was born and then I'm not sure what the rest of the day holds. So far I just am loving being a new mommy and also being able to celebrate my own mother.

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  • SRK128SRK128
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    I am getting a new iPhone for Mother's day! My 2 year plan is not up but that is what my DH got me. I will post what my kids got me later! It is super cute!
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    My H cleaned the shower/tub for me. nbsp;Good enough for me, I HATE cleaning the tub. nbsp;Now if only I would stop PP bleeding so that I might enjoy a bath ::tears::

    Why can't you have a bath?? It's recommended to have baths to help PP healing. I have one with Epsom salt everynight.
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  • My husband is getting me LASIK and let me order a bunch of stuff from Thirty One! I can't wait to wake up for those MOTN feedings and not have to fumble around for my glasses =]
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    My husband is getting me LASIK and let me order a bunch of stuff from Thirty One! I can't wait to wake up for those MOTN feedings and not have to fumble around for my glasses =]

    LASIK changed my life!! I got it done before I got pg exactly for your reason to manage MOTN feeds and it was the best decision ever.
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  • DH is working a 48hr shift this weekend:( so we are celebrating mother's day tomorrow. But my 3 year old has given me the best weekend ever.  she is being an absolute angel. She's being super sweet with DS, cleaning up the house, and being super independent with getting dressed, ready for bed, etc.  We just played play-doh while DS took a nap in the swing.  He started fussing and I went to feed him and she is busy as a bee putting away all the play-doh.  I am blessed!

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  • Mh made brunch, complete with a mimosa. Yum! He's going to take dd1 out this afternoon so I can nap with dd2.
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  • Jason let me sleep most of the night. I took care of LO this morning, pumped some breast milk. We are now headed to my gammy's along with my aunt and mom. I think grampa is smoking a chicken in his homemade smoker. I'm making an origami owl locket on Wednesday for my gift. I got a very sweet card this morning though. So excited!

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  • Kate_CKate_C
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    DH got up with the toddler so I could lounge in bed until 8:30 with DD. it was blissful. He's grilling good steaks from a real butcher tonight. And I don't have to spend the day with the extended IL family. Score!
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  • This is what I woke up to...



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  • DH and I are broke, but DD slept through the night for her second night in a row, which makes me a very happy mama!  Now, I just have DH doing stuff around the house that I haven't had time to do in forever, like clean the floors and bathrooms! Yay, clean house!
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  • I would just like to take a second to rave about my mother! Who traveled half way across the world to help me be a new mother and is staying with me until Christmas. Beyond incredible help I am so thankful.
  • I got a hummingbird feeder and some sugar water "from" the girls and my husband's gift will be here a little late. We had pictures of the girls done yesterday so those are gifts for my mom, MIL and my grandma and we'll be giving them out later today!

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  • I got a dozen long stem roses, a "mom" necklace and a new watch, with a card obvi. All so beautiful. DH brought home lunch so I wouldn't have to cook! Eeeeekkkk! And we're buying a new camper tomorrow that is baby friendly! We bought one two years ago but at that time we'd been trying for awhile and didn't think we could have wee ones! It's a good day!!!! 
  • I got a rosebush and DH took me shopping to get some new clothes! He made me breakfast and got me a card with DD's handprints. We had dinner with my parents and grandparents. It was a lovely day.

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  • The morning was rough because LO fed every hour all night, but DH took her for two hours to let me sleep. My sister sent some gorgeous flowers and DH got me a diamond and emerald pendant emerald is LO's birthstone. I love it, but I was so overtired and hormonal, I just wept silently when he gave it to me!
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