I appreciate you BFing bumpies!

BFing was never the kumbaya that I thought it would be. I had no idea going into it that it could even be so hard. 

I have struggled with low supply from the get go. I did everything and then some to try and up my supply, but have always had to supplement. In the early days, I turned here for support, and I'm glad that I did. It was just the encouragement that I needed during those many, many hours of pumping and nursing, and all on zero sleep. You know what I'm talking about, even if it came easy to you. 

It's not all that long in the scheme of things, but feel like having made it to 4 months is a huge feit for us. I head back to work this week, and it may just kill the little supply that I have. But I will stay positive and try my very best to keep us going. I do love to nurse my little guy!

So I'm grateful for the support on this journey, and wanted to wish you all a happy mother's day!  


Re: I appreciate you BFing bumpies!

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