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Made our first attempt today at about 6.5 weeks.  It was awful!  We used lube but I don't think enough of it and I didn't even let him go all the way in because it just felt weird and off.  I had an episiotomy and second degree tear so I'm assuming I just need more time to heal.  Any other suggestions?  When will it get better?

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  • After a few times it should feel less painful and dry.

    I was bad and had sex the third week and about twice a week after that. I had a second degree tear as well. It will feel better the more you attempt it.

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    We've been trying once or twice a week since 6 weeks and I'm 10 weeks pp now. It still hurts and I had a csection. I pushed for a while but that healed within 3 weeks so there's nothing left to heal down there. My main issue is dryness. I've heard some say it took months to feel normal others say a few weeks of consistent trying. Hopefully you'll fall into the latter category because this sucks.

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  • We attempted at 9 weeks and it was excruciating and I had to stop.
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  • I remember the pain after having DS. It probably took a half hour for DH just to get in... but we worked at it, used lots of lube, and eventually, it got much better. After a few times, I felt like my normal self.  My only advice is to keep trying and use lots of lube!! Smile
  • Everyone is different, and we all have different comfort levels after the trauma our vags endured! When you feel up to it, try it again. I think that you did everything right for the first time. 
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  • We tried for the first time today at 8 weeks pp. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't pleasant either :/ I'm hoping it will be better in few weeks.
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  • Anytime there has been a period of time without sex, it can be uncomfortable, plus just the anxiety of 'will this hurt' adds to that. The huge shift in hormones can also lead to a temporary thinning and decreased elasticity of the tissues (atrophy-same thing that happens in menopause) which also leads to painful sex. This hormonal change is even more noticeable if breastfeeding and can last the duration of breastfeeding. The good news is it is temporary and once hormones re-balance the tissue will no longer be thin. Use lots of foreplay and lube, and make sure it's a plain type, such as plain astroglide or plain k-y (vs. the warming, etc). And plus time heals in this case-each time will get less painful.
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