My belated successful VBAC story

In 2010 I had an uneventful scheduled c-section with my first DD because she was breech.  She had severe reflux and I remain convinced it was because they took her before she was "Ready".

So for this pregnancy, I really wanted a VBAC.  My dr. was very supportive and at 36 weeks he gave me the all clear for going for it.  At my last appointment at 38w3d I was 3cm dilated and he scheduled me for a membrane sweep the next week.  I never made it to that appointment.

Thursday April 25 was a full moon and I woke up on Friday April 26 (38w5d) at 2am feeling weird but not in labor.  We got up that morning and went to target with our daughter and went about business as usual.  At 10am I started having irregular contractions so we went for a walk around the block.  After the walk I was sitting on the couch timing contractions and my water broke.  I went from irregular contractions to every 2 minutes almost immediately, so we headed off to the hospital.  IL's met us at the hospital to take DD1 while I was in labor.

We checked in around 1pm and I was in full blown labor with very little break between my contractions, so they ordered the epi for me almost immediately.  After the epi was in, around 2pm, I was checked and I was 4cm.  By 4pm I was fully dilated but unfortunately I spiked a fever at that point.  Since I was also GBS positive they wanted me to labor through the contractions for awhile while they ran another dose of antibiotics, even though the first dose hadn't run for the full 4 hours they prefer due to the speed of my labor.  At 5:10pm I started pushing and at 6:04pm Cara Jane was born, 7lbs 5oz, 19.5 inches.  They had to run some extra tests because of my fever and I definitely tore due to her being posterior, but the recovery has been so much better from the VBAC than from a c-section.  I'm so much more capable than I was with my first daughter.  I'm very glad I had a supportive doctor who gave me a chance.


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