Can you tell me about your induction?

!! On Monday we're set to induce at 37 weeks. Both babies are low, during my check up last week my doctor was able to touch baby A's head!

If you remember I posted a few weeks ago about baby B being smaller, well at the last scan she didn't have a 1/2 lb differance. Your words relieved me and even more so when we went back in and she is 'on track'. Because of this they didn't take them at 36 weeks, it was decided 37.

As it's this close I find myself very emotional. Normal? I'm in tiny tears with little thoughts of how life is changing. I'm ready, just don't know if I'm mentally ready. I hope this is normal.

Back to induction, how long did it take, did you deliver vaginally? With both babies low did you have to have a c section? I know everyone is different, just trying to get a little bit of knowledge from BTDT.

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Re: Can you tell me about your induction?

  • I was induced at 37 weeks. I was not dilated at all nobody could see a head for sure. I checked in at 7:00pm and was given my first dose of Misoprostil. It caused cramping, but when they checked me four hours later I was only a fingertip dilated. I was not amused. Another dose got me to 4cm. At that point I got my epidural. They weren't sure how to move forward then, because I was contracting very frequently but not very hard. The doctor ordered to start Pitocin, but my nurse was "too busy" to give it to me before going next door for a delivery wink wink. While she was gone my water broke on its own and the contractions got stronger, so I never got the Pitocin. My doctor came rushing in a few hours later, checked me, and proclaimed me 10cm. I was rushed to the OR and started pushing. Baby B was in distress, so we needed to move things along. Baby A was born at 5:15pm. The doctor reached in and pulled Baby B down, and he was born at 5:20pm in one push. Both were fine. Baby B's issue was with his cord being compressed during contractions. No NICU, we stayed one extra day for jaundice but went home together.

    Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly!
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  • I wasn't induced but can tell you that the emotions are totally normal. The day I found out I was having my C/S I went back home and started rushing around, finishing packing my bag and doing other chores before I had to leave again for the hospital. My sister who was with me kept telling me to slow down but I knew once I stopped moving I would burst into tears. I was right. It is a VERY emotional thing....excitement, nerves, relief, nostalgia for being pregnant, just the weight of the huge change coming....there's a lot going on. Take it easy on yourself and GL with your upcoming delivery!
  • I was induced at 37w6d. Went in the night before for IV antibiotics (GBS+) and asked if I could have Cervidil overnight since I was there anyway. I was dilated to a 2 or 3 when I went in, 4 by the next morning. Started Pit around 9 a.m., babies were born about 12 hrs later. Pushing stage took 3 hrs but they were both delivered vaginally including breech extraction of Baby B.
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  • jcathjcath
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    I was induced at 37 weeks 0 days.  My girls were low and I was dilated to about 3 but not at all in labor.  I got to the hospital about 7:30 a.m. and it took a long time to get checked in and seen.  About 10 a.m. the dr said they wanted to start pitocin but thought I could have an epidural first.  The rest of the day wasn't too bad - we just watched TV and waited.  About 5 or 6 I started to feel bad, epi wearing off, contractions were serious.  I had A around 9 p.m. and E 7 minutes later.  I probably pushed an hour or so with A, E came out pretty quickly.  

    If I had to do it again, I would have waited to get the epidural but  that might just be my own bias.  In the end I had healthy twins vaginally - who can ask for more?

    Best of luck and emotions and tears are totally normal. 


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  • Venti29Venti29
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    Thank you for responding, it's nice to hear what I'll be going through tomorrow! Eeeek!!
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  • My post is not meant to scare you but I feel like it is important to be honest... Go ahead and throw your expectations out the window and be prepared for the worst.  Obviously I hope for the best for you but you need to manage your expectations so you don't get too upset with the results.  The only thing that made me cry the first few weeks after they were born was thinking about their birth because it didn't happen the way I had wanted it to... so my advice is just assume the worst so you'll be happy regardless of what happens for your 'birth story'.

    I had planned to have a natural vaginal birth with my twins as the position of Baby A was all that mattered to my MFM and CNM practices.  Baby A was in a great position but at my 38w3d MFM visit, my Baby B was having heart decels during their BPP (he was also having acelerations so it wasn't considered an emergency) so my MFM made the call to induce since Baby A was currently vertex...

    Flash forward to more than 48 hours after checking into L&D - 1 bag of IV fluids had Baby B's heartrate was back to normal but once I checked in I wasn't allowed to leave (I think I was dehydrated even though I was driking a TON of water everyday), 1 round of Cervadil, 2 rounds of Pitocin, and my Baby A that had been EXTREMELY low began moving back up... so I was not only stalled and not progressing but actually regressing.  We made the call to take them calmly via C-section at 38w5d rather than breaking Baby A's water and starting the clock to a possible emergency C-section.  I just don't think my boys were ready... so trying to force them out via meds/an induction was only going to make it worse and deep down I knew I was making the right decision to have a C-section even though I really thought I'd be able to have them vaginally my entire pregnancy and induction up until that last moment.

    GL to you!  Be sure to listen to the doctors but also listen to yourself - your mother's intuition is already there and you'll know what is best for your babies.

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    I had a successful induction at 37 weeks and 1 day.  I was not dilated at all, so they had me come to the hospital at 10 pm and start cytotec at midnight.  It was slow at first, but started moving after they inserted the second cytotec tab at 4 am.  My water broke around 5:30 am and things really picked up.  I finally got an epidural at 8:15 am, even though I was only dilated to 3.  By 9 am, I called the nurses in because I was feeling weird pressure, and I was fully dilated!  Started pushing at 9:20, had baby A at 9:44 and baby B at 10:28.  They didn't even start pitocin until I started pushing, because my contractions slowed at that point for some weird reason.  It all went great!  


    Good luck today! 

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