trigger loss of triplet

Mobile: trigger loss of triplet.

This is hard to write, but I wanted to share with all of you especially sice you lent so much support after my last post. My partner and I are now twin mommies. We were diagnosed with TTTS at 16 weeks and went to Miami for treatment. 2 ids [a and b] 1 frat [c ] all girls. After our initial consultation they did a level two scan and in addition to stage 2 TTTS our baby b had a congenital heart anomaly. We went in for surgery on Wednesday at 18 weeks exactly, and unfortunately our one little girl didn't make it. We are still very fortunate to have a and c doing okay, but it doesn't make the loss any easier. We arrived back in Pennsylvania today and my partner is on strict bed rest for a week until her mfm appointment next week. Just praying our girls will be okay and that we will make it through the rest of the pregnancy.

Again thank you all for the support you have given us. I hope to be able to stay on this board from here on.

1.12 Started TTC • 10.12 M/C • 1.13 Conceived through IUI - Triplets • TTTS diagnosis and both Identical girls diagnosed with congenital heart defecs • 8.13 girls born at 31 weeks - Loss of our Baby girl "B" Addison • 10.13 L goes through open heart surgery for a complete repair of tetralogy of fallot and does great!

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Re: trigger loss of triplet

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