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Samuel James

How do I upload pics from mobile?
Here is his birth story! After I posted on Thursday about getting my membranes stripped and it making me cramp like a 14 year old girl having her period the pain got a little better. Then at 10pm I was sound asleep, heard two pops and had a really bad cramp. I went to the bathroom to find a gush of fluid, went pee, stood up and the flood gates opened! My contractions started right away and went from 10 min to 3 in a matter of minutes. DH and I headed to LD and contractions were getting bad! I had bloody show when I got there and it took forever to get admitted! They needed to wait on blood work before I got the epi due to my Heprin so they have me something through the Iv that did nothing. Finally got the epi at 2am but it was only working on the left side, they fixed it and heaven was what I was in! They started a low dose of pitocin bc I was only 5cm at 2am. DH and I tried to sleep until 630 when my epi started to wear off. Dr checked me and I was 10cm and ready to push, so no epi for pushing! I pushed for less than an hour when Samuel James was born, 7lbs 7oz 20 inches. He has more hair than we know what to do with! We are getting better at bf and im doing well nursing minor second degree tearing. Ice packs and Motrin are helpful!

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