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Late night 4 month wakeful edition

Late night 4 month wakeful edition

R went down at 1015. Up at 1035. Ate for 30 min before going down so she didn't wake out of hunger or diaper cause I did that too. I rock her, she'll doze off and rewake even angrier. Nothing was working, me standing and rocking, sitting and rocking, white noise, shhhhhhh, side ways hold, butt pat, bouncer on vibrate, I put her in her crib just now with the mobile on but I think that is 2 secs away from being added to the list of not working tonight.

Last night was hellish. Can't believe I'm getting ready for night 2 of this. She is telling me happy first Mother's Day already. How nice of her.

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    I hope R decides to get some sleep tonight for you!

    We've been up at 12 and now 2:30. At 12 we both fell asleep during that feeding. Oops. And now my left side hasn't been eaten off of since 8. Owwww! I guess side lying has its disadvantages when sleep deprived.
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  • I'm here with you.

    We've been up for 1.5 hours already. He is happy as a clam and just wants to play. I can't get him back to sleep.



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  • 1150.

    She just fell asleep. Going to attempt and move her after I type this. I just started my Grey's on the DVR [3 weeks behind] but I am shutting that off and hoping for shut eye instead!
  • 640 here. I have serious engorgement from not being able to pump while flying and traveling yesterday. I had my hand pump and used it twice but it wasn't enough since I have major oversupply now. Remember two weeks ago when I thought I was drying up?
    I should sleep since my hubs is here and C is sleeping. It was just a long day and I'm enjoying the quiet. I did get a bikini wax and a 30 min massage while my gf watched C for me. That was a highlight. He rest of the day sucked. Traveling so much is getting on my nerves. I love seeing hubs but people are jerks and they make me tired and stabby.
    Spending Saturday at the museum of natural history in DC and Sunday is my Mother's Day surprise. Very excited!


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  • I think it should be called 4month whaling period, cuz that's what happened last night .. After getting a couple nights of 9 to 10.5 hrs, last night DD was up ever 2. screaming her head off. It's either wakeful time or teeth.

    Ps do u think the tooth fairy takes payoffs? Maybe I can throw her some cash so those suckers come up fast and quick. ??

  • Seriously...no one has answered my question about when 4 month wakeful ENDS.  I need some hope.  I went from having an amazing sleeper to a nightmare seemly overnight.  And, no...no teeth in sight according to the pedi.  So this is all 4 month wakeful.  He is just inconsolable.  He went down at 7, was up at 9, 10, 12, 1 and stayed up til god knows when this time.  Last time I looked at the clock was 2:30 but I know it lasted longer than that.  And, he was awake at 6:30. Me and my husband took turns...one would TRY to console him, the other would scream, cry, hit something.  It was the worst parenting night of my life thus far.  

    Happy Mother's day weekend to me.  :(.  


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  • b0710b0710
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    My little guy isn't 4 months yet but all of these posts make me nervous! He still wakes up 1 to 3 times a night so I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Good luck to all of the mamas dealing with this right now!
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  • We're going on week two of being up every hour to two hours. He doesn't cry like some of you are experiencing, but he's up. I feed him each time,we nurse, and he's asleep within about 10 minutes, but man this is getting old! I think I'm most frustrated because he was sttn, so I know he has it in him.
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  • Omg now I feel better.  For the last week, maybe 2 he will only sleep for about 30 min in crib,  After he wakes up about 3 times, I end up putting him in bed with us.  He'll still wake up every 1-2 hour, and I'll roll over to nurse him so I'm not a total zombie at work.  I cant wait for this to end so I can have my bed back!!!
  • Rosario must have heard my cries for sleep because after it looked like she was staying up all night we got to sleep from midnight until 9am!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I guess that is considered STTN, though she is only doing this for me once every couple of weeks.

    We probably could've slept later but my BOoBS!!!!!!! OUCH!

    We so needed it. Hoping this 4 month wakeful stuff is coming to an end, either that or we were both just so tired from a week of this.

    Michie: a week if this is the end of it.
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