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MIL vent, she takes the cake!

So my MIL has never been mother of the year material, but this time she takes the cake, the entire length of my pregnancy she only called 2 times to check on me but suddenly when she found out i was being induced she just had to come and wait at the hospital?? which we thought was way out of character, after LO was born she saw him that morning and that has been it, well come to find out she told her live in boyfriend (who is only 4years older than us) that she stayed with us all week to help with the baby! So she used our baby as a excuse to go do whatever for a week!  She has done this in the past too after we moved away from our hometown, she told her husband she was coming to see us, but she was having a  aaffair, she got busted when he called wanting to talk to her and we had not seen her for months! this time her boyfriend made a comment about how he was sure she was sooo much help when LO came and DH told him that she did not help us and left the hospital before holding LO, needless to say she is not talking to us now! 

Re: MIL vent, she takes the cake!

  • Wow, she sounds special...

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    Meanwhile, In Canada 



  • Sounds like my aunt. She just had divorce number 5! And she loves to give marriage advice. She's never given me any but she did to my brothers wife. I would laugh in her face if she tried to give me advice about marriage or raising a kid. Sorry that you have to deal with that.
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