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Homemade Baby Food Question

My DD is 6 months old and we have just started on solids (before that she was exclusively Breastfed).  So far I've made sweet potatoes and carrots and they both were super easy to make and freeze in bulk so I have a couple weeks worth to pull from.  Tonight we tried bananas and she did great and loved them but I've heard bananas dont freeze well.  Does anyone have any suggestions for making and/or freezing foods that dont freeze well? Should I just make fresh of these foods each time I give them to her or is there a way to freeze them?  Freezing makes my life so much easier as I also work full time and send food to daycare now too.  Any advice would be helpful!

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Re: Homemade Baby Food Question

  • I just cut a piece of the banana off and hand mashed it. I put the rest of the banana with the peel still on, in the fridge and used it the next day or two. It only gets a little dark on the one end doing it this way. If you mash up the whole banana and try to save it, the saved portion turns brown/black. Mashing it as you go works much better.

  • I haven't had problems freezing banana's ever. I do it for homemade baby food, as well as for banana bread (with browned bananas), and I do banana's dipped in chocolate on a popsicle stick frozen. All have worked great.
    Above post is a good idea too though.
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  • I pured and froze banana and spinach together and it froze and thawed fine.
  • I have also pureed bananas and they freeze fine for me. So do peas, carrots, and applesauce (that's all we've done so far).
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  • Oh sorry, I meant if you mash it up and save it in the fridge it goes brown. I have not frozen banana before. I just use one at a time so there is no point for me to freeze it.

  • You can always out some lemon juice on it. The lemon juice will prevent browning.
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  • I freeze bananas whole, peel & all!  Then I can just cut the tip off and squish it all out.  Worked great with both kids.




  • We're currently posted overseas in a country where I am skeptical of jarred baby food, so we make everything for DD.  Purees are the easiest and we also make in bulk.  We've done carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, apples, peaches, pears, turkey, and chicken.  She gets bananas and avocados freshly mashed (though if I have extra I'll just toss it in a gladware for her next meal) and now yogurt and such.  You can make everything listed here in advance, freeze, and then send cubes to daycare.  There's also a great website for making your own baby food:

    Good luck mom! 

  • For bananas, I just take a half or a third of a banana, mash it with a fork and mix it with her yogurt or cereal and milk. With the exception of some mango, I've only frozen foods I had to cook; otherwise I just prepare it right before she eats it. I have, however, frozen chunks of banana, which I put in her mesh feeder. She loves them.
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  • Lots of times foods are said to 'not freeze well'.   This could just mean that they turn brown, like bananas and avocado do when exposed to air. There is nothing wrong with it.  Or they turn to mush, like if you took a red or green pepper and just stuck it in the freezer. When you take it out and thaw it, it will be mushy. 

    If those are the reasons that some items don't freeze well, I wouldnt be concerned.

    Vodka doesn't freeze well either, but that just means it doesn't become solid, like ice.  

  • I've pured bananas and froze them without them turning brown.
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  • image Jessica614:
    You can always out some lemon juice on it. The lemon juice will prevent browning.


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