Feeling accomplished!

My boys are 3 months old this week and I don't know what happened but the other day I woke up and just felt like... i can do this. i have this under control! I have been so active with my boys but usually just walks or a trip to see family or to the mall. All errands have been done with someone else with me. This week I attempted the grocery store. It went great, no meltdowns from babies or mommy and I got everything I needed without being overwhelmed and forgetting stuff. Then today I did lunch with just me and the boys. The cafe had steps up which is a nightmare with my DSNG so I took the car seats out, left the stroller on the sidewalk and carried them in. Managed to get my coffee and sandwich and enjoy the outdoor patio. Again, no meltdowns!
I feel so accomplished. If someone told me 2 months ago that I would feel so confident with them I would tell them they were crazy. But it gets better! I can actually have my normal life AND be a mom to twins. Now if only they would sleep through the night.... Ha.

Re: Feeling accomplished!

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