Increasing supply through pumping

I started back at work a couple weeks ago and my supply has totally tanked. I've had to start supplementing a little formula throughout the day but I still nurse at night and LO gets two breast milk bottles when I'm away from him. I can only pump three times before I get home - once right before I leave, once on my lunch/prep & once right at the end of the school day. I average 2-3 ounces a session which isn't enough for my LO who eats 3-4, 5 ounce bottles during the day. I currently started the Fenugreek, drink a ton, eat enough calories, etc.

My question is how can I use pumping to help increase my supply?? I've heard of power pumping - has anyone tried this and had it work? When you pump after you nurse, how long do you pump for? I've never pumped when I'm done nursing and haven't woke up at night for a MOTN feed/pump since starting back at work. Any advice on a pumping schedule to increase supply would be greatly appreciated!! 

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Re: Increasing supply through pumping

  • You can add pumping session. I actually had to go to EP. And I still don't make enough LO gets 2 formula bottles and 5 bm bottles a day. Add a pumping session at night or pump more often when at home. It takes up to 48 hours for whatever you are doing to affect your supply. I also pump extra after the milk stops flowing. Just an extra 5 mins each time. And question are you massaging your breast while pumping? I gain anywhere from 13 oz. if I massage while pumping.
  • I didn't know the 48 hours thing - good to know. I massage but maybe not as much as I should. 
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  • Really the only thing you can do is pump and breastfeed as often as you can and use herbs to increase production. You might want to consider throwing in a middle of the night pumping.

    It can take time to increase production. Just keep pumping/feeding and using the herbs daily and try not to stress about it!

    You might have to end up using more than just fenugreek. The lactation consultant told me to use more than one herb because they are more effective that way. I personally drink Breastea from because it has so many herbs. It has helped a lot. You could also take something in capsule form as well. 

  • I have heard of trying more than just the Fenugreek. I might try the Breastea - does it cause you/LO to be super gassy. Fenugreek does...usually I will stick with the Fenugreek for a few days then I have to go off of it bc LO gets really fussy. I keep trying every month or so to see if he won't be as bad but it never fails. I've increased my pump times and sessions over this past weekend & I am starting to notice some improvement. I pumped after I nursed a few hours ago and I got 4 ounces!! Granted he was super fussy at the breast and I don't think he ate very much but that's more than what I get when I pump and don't nurse before! Tiny victories...
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  • Personally I haven't had any problems with extra gas, etc from the fenugreek in Breastea. I know some moms in the breastfeeding group I go too use something called malunggay leaves capsules to increase production. Some take these in addition to fenugreek and some just take them by themselves. It might be something to consider as well! Hope that helps.
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