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When did your LO go from 2 naps to 1?

Sleep has been a big struggle for us. We finally let them CIO at 11 months, so we have finally gotten some sleep in the last 4-6wks. We've always been on a nap and feeding schedule, but they would only take 35 min naps for the longest time. We've been on this schedule for awhile:
Awake 6-7am breakfast

~6oz milk 9am

down for nap # 1 at 10-1030am. This can range from 40 min to 2.5 hrs!

noon lunch

3pm 4 oz milk

nap #2 start at 330-4pm

DS sleeps 40-60 min on average. DD can sleep 40 min to 2 hours again

dinner when they wake up

6 oz milk around 7pm

Bed at 8pm.

I do feel like their naps are getting shorter again and have had a few days where they cry in their cribs for 30 min and refuse their 2nd nap. Of course, then they are falling asleep during dinner. They're tired in the morning and usually go right to sleep at 10-1030am.

When did you know it was time to drop a nap and when does your LO go down and how long do they sleep?


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Re: When did your LO go from 2 naps to 1?

  • DS dropped to 1 nap before a year. It was crazy. I stopped forcing him to take one, and he just started staying up through the afternoon nap. He now takes one nap, in the late  morning, that is usually 1-3 hours long.
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  • We've been going back and forth.  He started not taking his afternoon nap at about 12 months, but then at 13 months old we moved to a new house.  He was back to one nap by 14 months, but he had an ear infection last week that made him go back to 2 naps.  Hopefully in the next week he'll be back to 1 nap assuming we don't hit anymore roadblocks.
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  • Around 13 months.  He was pushing his afternoon naps later and later, to the point that he was waking up just an hour before bedtime.  So we dropped it.  It was earlier than "normal," but every kid is different.
  • 15 months, but we had to shorten both naps for several months before that just to keep two naps.
  • At daycare mine starting doing one nap at 11 months. But at home he was still doing 2 until around 13 months.

    I don't watch the clock, I watch him, so I just kept on top of his sleep signals, which got later and later until his morning nap was around 12:30, which became his only nap.

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  • 13 months. He sleeps 1.5-2.5 hours. He went through a period of terrible naps at 18 months but has evened out again. 
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  • We always had trouble with sleep, too. We did cry it out at around 6 months (used it within reason, that is). Around 20 months (I think, now she's 22 months), she started dropping her second nap. She was just cry and never act like she was going to sleep during several of her regular nap times. I didn't let her CIO very long during these times after a couple tries because I realized that if she wasn't going to go to sleep with 5 or so minutes (or at least act like she was going to and just cry and whine standing up), then she wasn't going to sleep. I would try at the same (evening nap) time every night until she consistently never fell asleep. At first she would sleep some days, others not. Now, she is finally transitioning out of her morning nap and its becoming an after lunch nap (I thought this would happen shortly after she stopped taking her evening nap, but I was wrong). The same thing started happening during her morning nap and within the last couple weeks, she refuses to go to sleep until 12pm earliest or 1 and then will sleep 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
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    When did you know it was time to drop a nap and when does your LO go down and how long do they sleep?

    When LO was around 11 months, she was taking two naps, but only for 40 minutes each.  At home, she would nap better.  They moved her to the toddler room at 13 months and they all take one nap for two hours.  I feel like it was a bit soon, because she was so tired and cranky when she got home, we had to put her down for bed at 6:15, but she sleeps for two hours! It's almost like she had a transition period where one nap wasn't enough but two naps were rough from 11-13 months. 

    Good luck!  

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  • I can tell that DS is getting close to dropping a nap. Probably his morning one. Sometimes he just lays up there and either plays/whines instead of napping. He just started doing this over the last few weeks. He takes a super long afternoon one most of the time (2-3 hours) and I feel like that will just move that up to the middle of the day once he drops a nap. 


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  • For both my girls it was around 15 months that they dropped the morning nap.  My youngest still takes the odd morning nap if she is really tired, but 99% of the time she is a one nap girl. 

    I always pushed them to at least 12:30 before putting them down, and try for closer to one.  If she goes to bed at 1 then she'll sleep for a good 2 1/2 to 3 hours and easily be able to make it to bedtime at 7:30ish.  If I go earlier then 12:30, she is up at around 2 and is an absolute bear by 6ish. 

    But we've also learned that for her, she can go to bed no earlier then 7:30 (give or take 5 minutes) otherwise she wakes up at 5 am.  Bedtime at 7:30 makes for a 7 or later wake up time.

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  • We are in the process of dropping to 1 nap right now, at 14 months. The problem we're having is that he's ready to take a nap too early. For example, he woke up a little after 6am today and was a hot mess by 10am so I put him down and he only napped until 11:30am and wouldn't take an afternoon nap. He went to bed at his normal time (7:30pm). We've got to get this nap moved back later in the day so afternoons aren't so rough, but I'm struggling with it right now.
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  • 11 months.  Once she was settled on the schedule (it took about three weeks to work up to it), she would sleep for three hours every afternoon.
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  • One of mine I switched at 12 months, the other at 13/14 months.

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  • My older son stopped napping twice around 14 months.  He would take a fine morning nap, but wouldn't take an afternoon nap.  So, I pushed his morning nap back more and more until it was in the afternoon after lunch.

    My younger son is still going strong with his morning and afternoon naps at 13.5 months!

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  • We dropped to one nap at around 14 months. She was fighting her second nap so often that it just wasn't worth it anymore and we new she was ready. She'd either scream bloody murder till we took her out of her crib or she'd just sit and play by herslef and not sleep. Now she takes one nap for about 2-3 hours during the day and sleeps about 11 or 12 hours a night.
  • I Have one that is fighting every nap.  We tried letting them take only 1 nap a few days ago and everyone has been miserable ever since :( I don't know how to make this transition.  I have to make them nap in separate rooms now otherwise neither will sleep.
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