Sit 'n Stand for 3 Kids

My kids are 5 months, 2 years, and 4 years old. We like to go for walks in the summer. Do you have a sit 'n stand that works well for 3 kids (even if it's not labelled that way)? We have an old hand-me-down one. All 3 kids will fit on it, but it's SUPER hard to push. Wondering if that's just how it is, or if a newer stroller would fit all 3 but be easier to push. 

I could wear the baby and put the other 2 in the sit 'n stand, but it's hot wearing the baby (for both of us).

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Re: Sit 'n Stand for 3 Kids

  • I've never seen a sit 'n stand marketed for three children. I know from shopping for one for myself, that only one sit 'n stand had a weight limit that would accommodate my 4 and 2 year olds. By adding a third child that would surely put your at or over the weight limit, making it extremely difficult to push. Unfortunately, I can't imagine there would be a product that would work well for three children in this situation.
  • I'm having the same issue you are, only I have 21-month-old twins and an almost 4-year-old.  I have a double stroller for the babies and I'm looking for a standing board I can attach to it for my older DD to use.  I have a Combi Twin stroller and that brand doesn't make a board but I'm going to check Amazon for a universal board. Would that be an option for you? A regular double stroller plus an attachment for your oldest to stand on? I think we started using the stroller for our babies when they were about 6 months old.
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  • I could not imagine using a sit and stand like that. Actually I could not imagine a sit and stand for walks on sidewalks. I had the Joovy Caboose ultralight but it was only good for the mall until DS was about 40lbs and DD was much lighter b
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  • shannmshannm
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    Don't most sit 'n stands max out at 40lbs for the kid standing?  I wanted to look for one but the weight limit stopped me.  DS just walks most of the time.  

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    Don't most sit 'n stands max out at 40lbs for the kid standing?  I wanted to look for one but the weight limit stopped me.  DS just walks most of the time.  

     Yes, the maximum weight for sit n stands is not very high. Your best option would be the Joovy which has a combined maximum weight of 45lbs. Almost all the others max out at 40lbs.

  • rsd12rsd12
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    My boys are similar ages and I used a double jogger for the two oldest and would wear the youngest, that was until my oldest stopped using the stroller and preferred to use his bike. Then I would just push the two youngest. I went the jogger route since I liked to run.
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  • ncbellencbelle
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    I'd wear the baby and have the 4 year old walk or ride his bike - unless you are hiking long distances, 4 is a great age to be using your own feet ;)
  • We have a Baby Jogger City Select with the glider board. Works pretty good. Obviously with three on it it isn't as easy to maneuver as one kid in a stroller, but it is pretty compact. When DS3 was small and the twins were only about 2 we used it all the time. Now the big boys walk most of the time. 



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  • The 4 yr old should be able to walk along side or maybe even ride a bike?
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