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It was a long night! Labor Story

Long Story Short: My birth plan was to have my baby in the safest and most healthy way for both baby and I, with an epidural. Yeah? someone deleted my epidural request.

Long Story Long: I walked out of my interview on Tuesday at 2:30pm and have my first contraction in the parking lot while leaving.  I wasn?t sure what it was ? it was stabbing pain in my lower back for about an hour on and off and then it started to wrap around to the front with (what I thought) upper Braxton Hicks.  We were supposed to be induced at 7am on 5/9 so I thought this was just my body getting ready.  I was timing the contractions, but they were so sporadic in frequency and duration that I didn?t think anything of it.

H and I went to bed around 9pm, but I couldn?t get comfortable so I headed to the living room.  Around midnight I called the Family Birth Center and told them my contractions were 6 ? 7 minutes apart and lasting 2 ? 4 minutes each. I woke H up and in we went.  I was moving too much during the contractions that the machine couldn?t pick it up (and no, a nurse did not stay in the room with us ? they hook you up and leave). I was 3 cm and her head was at a +3 station. They gave me an ambien, we moved my induction up to 9am on 5/8, and I was sent home to sleep the contractions off until the induction in 7 hours. 

I spent from 2am ? 4am in the bathroom trying a hot bath and many contraction relief positions. At 4am I called the Family Birth Center and told them we were coming back. I made it up to the room and into the gown when my water broke.  I was more terrified than anything because this was not how anyone had said it ?might? go. H rang for the nurse and I told them I felt like I had to push. Contractions were pretty much over for me, it was a whole new sensation.

The nurses got me to the bed and informed me I was ?complete?. OK? They asked if they could get me anything -  I said I wanted my epidural ( or any pain meds). Nope. Wasn?t going to happen. I was too far along and there wasn?t time. My Dr arrived just in time for me to push. I rode it out like a roller coaster, with my eyes shut and screamed my lungs out. It was a good 4 pushes and she was here.  I think fate compensated me with no tearing.

H was the best labor coach and actually had to step in when one of the nurses had to leave the room.

My Dr told me today that any future labors will probably go the same way. Fast and with no time for medication.  The nurses were apologetic for our whole stay on sending us home and how it all happened.  It?s not like they knew my body was in a huge rush to finish!

Lorelei Clara arrived at 5:39AM on 5/8/13. H started informing everyone at 6AM when I was given the OK check from the Dr.

And drama ensued that I did not personally call my mother. Of course this whole ordeal had nothing to do with me.

We are all home and exhausted. I'm hoping the visitors will slow down and people will allow us to sleep and adjust to our new little girl.


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