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I just got mine and it doesn't seen to provide much support at all. i feel like i have to still hold onto the baby. The baby also sits really low in the front. Could I have gotten a size to big? Anyone else experience this? I was so excited to receive and now I'm sort of disappointed.
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Re: Ktan?

  • I had a hard time getting the sizing right with the K'Tan and also felt like my baby was too low in front.  I ended up returning it and getting a Moby instead and I am much happier with it! I feel like it is much more secure and the wrapping is really easy w/a  little practice.
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  • The sizing should be your dress size pre pregnancy. Mine fits a little tight but I haven't stretched it out yet.


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  • kballoukballou
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    I followed the sizing they recommeded and mine still seems a little loose when DS is in it. Maybe I am doing it wrong. I was a size 16 pre pregnancy and still have 10 pounds to lose to get back there and ordered a large.
    DS was happy in my moby, but it was too much material to wrap when we go out and way too hot, so I thought this would be better, but so far no luck.
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  • Kate_CKate_C
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    I haven't tried it yet with this LO because she doesn't meet the minimum weight yet, but I never felt comfortable with DS in the K'tan. I really wanted it to work but I just never felt like he was secure. The infant insert with the Ergo has worked better thus far.
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  • I ended up not liking my Ktan and got a Boba. I like it a lot better, it feels much more secure.
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