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DD is 8 weeks old and sleeps 6-8 hours a night and will lay back down for 2-3 after being fed. That being said, she does not go to bed until 11:45 at the earliest and 12:30 at the latest. It's great because her wake up time coincides with me needing to get up for work in the morning, but I'm worried that she's getting to sleep too late. DH gets home from work by 11 so it gives him time with her before bed and he gives her the bedtime feeding. DH is ok if I put her down before he gets home, but the problem is she is not sleepy until he gets home. I have tried to put her in her swing after her 7 or 8 o'clock feeding so that she could get sleepy, but she is wide awake and is happy and content until 10 or 10:30 (that's when we start our bedtime routine).

Did anyone else's baby do this and have you been able to start getting them to sleep earlier? Or should I just let it go since it does not seem to be bothering DD and if she needs/wants to sleep earlier she'll do it on her own?


Re: baby night owl

  • Mine goes to sleep around then too. Anywhere from 9 to 12 and wakes up at 5 and then sleeps till 8 or so. It just seems that he's keeping up with us because that's around when we go to sleep. I'd imagine if you had other kids you'd want them all to go to bed at the same time nut for me I like my night owl.
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    Is she cranky in late evening or other wise appearing overtired?

    Mine used to do this and it worked great then I realized she was overtired.  She now goes to sleep between 6-7 depending on last wake up and sleeps through until 7am just waking to feed and goes right back down.

    If I miss that 6-7pm time period by even a few minutes she will be impossible to put down and will be up until 10:30/11pm.  She isn't overly cranky but shows other signs of being tired (glossy eyes, staring into space etc).


  • I have been looking to see if she has any signs of being tired in the evening, but she is fine. She is not cranky at all...only when we do our last belly-time before her bedtime feeding after 10 or 10:30. I think she has just taken on our persona since DH and I are both night owls. It just seems everyone else gets their lo around the same age down much earlier. I thought I was doing something wrong.


  • Her bed time will slowly creep up, plus i think theres a wide range of "bedtimes" at that age. my LO is about that age, and she goes to bed earlier than most...she goes down around 7-8, and sleeps until 4ish, then back down until 6-7.  My pediatrician said on average, most babies go down around 8-830 around this age...i don't know how babies decide what their "last" sleep will be.....
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  • Our LO stays up too.  Just recently we started going down closer to 10, but tonight we r back at our old time as I'm feeding him before bed right now.
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  • Mine is a night owl too. It works out fine for me. DD sleeps in our room. My DH sometime gets home around 10 and we usually don't go to bed until 11. If I put her down before our bed time we just end up waking her when we are getting ready for bed. For the longest time I worried about not following a 7-8 bedtime, but I realized it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing. It only matters that it works for you.
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  • Lurking from 3rd tri, but we had a night owl baby and he eventually moved up his time...with a little help from us. It took till he was about three and a half months to get his bedtime to 9pm. Eventually they start needing to feed less at night and will sleep longer chunks of time. I just paid close attention to his cues and moved it up 15 minutes to a half hour every week. He's a great sleeper/napper for the most part now and sleeps 11-12 hours every night.
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