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food strike?

anyone other LOs on a food strike? DS has had a couple so I want to blame that for his food strike, but I feel like he's been on a strike before he got sick.  I am not sure what to do.

 He throws more food on the flood than what goes in his mouth.  Honestly can get him to drink milk, and eat the food pouches.  Sometimes berries, or cheerios, or crackers, but pretty much everything he throws.

How do you handle these food strikes?

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Re: food strike?

  • My boy just went through this. I spoon fed him what I could and tried to give him things he likes to eat. He ate chicken at almost every meal for awhile. It only lasted a couple of weeks and now he's eating a lot more. Since he's become pickier I've started hiding things I want him to eat more of in foods he likes, e.g. He loves muffins so I made spinach corn muffins to get some spinach in him. I think it was making him wake more at night because he was hungry, so I've been more focused on making sure he eats enough. It is really hard when they don't feel good though. GL!
  • thanks, and yes he is definitely waking up a lot at night because he's hungry.
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  • WipzWipz
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    at one point I had a pot of yoghurt and a pot of meat and veggies in one hand and would alternate spoonfulls of each... he loves yoghurt and I have never known him refuse it.  If his teeth were bothering him he won't eat, so I would give him hyland teething tablets then try again..usually works.. as for the finger foods.. it's intermittent, some days he will eat it all, other days he will fling most of it around if he gets bored, or isnt hungry,

    We still feed home made semi- purees .. chunky ones with things like chicken and veggies with dumplings, or beef and veggies.  so we tend to have both at meals..  finger foods for him and things we feed him. 

    It seems to work out and since we're all learning what he can and cant eat or likes... I try to balance it that way to ensure he gets what he needs while learning that food isn't really to play with,   He goe sthrough phases of what he is interested in.. some days bread or cheese is great, other days he wont touch them, same with eggs and even on rare occasions pancakes ..which he loves.
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