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Meal planning question

Does anyone have trouble sticking to your meal plan? Between my parents giving us dinner when we pick up DD, being lazy, and staying late at work, I have yet to make it through a full week of meal planning. Any tips on how to make it work? I try to alternate meals with the crock pot. Do you have any go to recipes that are super easy?

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Re: Meal planning question

  • I'm like you, so I wanna know too!!

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  • I am anxious to hear this, because we have the same problem. I can never stick to a meal plan.
  • I am by no means an expert because my plans get twarted on a regular basis. But DH doesn't like me to make a day-by-day plan in case he changes his mind on what he wants. So I usually make a list of meals that I'd like to do during the week and have the stuff ready to go for 2 of those options most nights. Then he can pick one. Seriously...I sometimes feel like he's a giant kid, but it makes my life easier. :) I've also tried to add in one new recipe each week, so we can try something different. If it's a hit, it goes in rotation; and if not, tossed!
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    The April Cooking Light has some great stuff and it's all under an hour and they give suggested sides. Last night we had braised chicken, asparagus, and potatoes in under an hour. All the recipes are on their website. For me, I either have to be able to make something good fast or have it in the crockpot because of my work schedule. I just got to the point where I figured out I could make good, healthy food quickly and that helped a lot.


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  • I always have at least one mostly pantry items meal. Then I have a salad with it for the veg or some veg that is old a long time. Then I an another meal to be leftovers. Then, if something changes, we can either use it for lunch or freeze it. I never have more than two nights fall apart so that is just enough wiggle room.
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