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Changing pad liner

What changing pad liner is the best? Not the cover--the liner. I've looked on amazon and target and can't really find any that jump out. Not that this is a huge decision but I just don't want to waste my money on something that will fall apart.
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Re: Changing pad liner

  • At the risk of looking stupid, what's the difference? I've never heard of a liner, I geuss. 

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    The liner lays on top of the cover


    Or do I not even need them? A friend of mine who just had a baby last year said I should get some. So idk?


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    I think I had the Munchkin ones from Target with DS.  They held up through his diaper years.  I used the liners instead of a full on pad and cover.
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    A liner like it's along the same lines of a waterproof mattress pad?  That seems unnecessary?   My friend just uses lap pads (see link below) on top of the changing pad cover.  That way the cover never gets dirty and she just washes the lap pads all the time.  Per her suggestion, I am getting a bunch of them.  She uses them in the crib as well.  Although for the crib I was planning on getting sheet savers to put right under LO's butt (second link)



    ETA:  I just saw the link you posted which is basically the same thing.  I don't think you can go wrong with those.  My friend swears by having liners/lap pads/whatever you want to call them.  Says they are a total lifesaver.


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  • We have Boppy brand ones that are waterproof. They come in a 3 pack. We have been using the same 3 since Em was born and are going to use them for DD2 too. We like them a lot and just throw them in the wash when they get dirty or weekly if they don't get dirty.
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  • I remember for DS1 I bought a 3 pack of Carter's liners and I did use them for a little while.  That being said, I have not bought any this time.  They're good if you have blowouts so you have one less thing to wash (the cover) but eh youd have to wash the liner anyway haha I guess I will re access when DS2 arrives ;)

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  • image MeghanKG:

    I might be strange for doing this but I'm not using covers or liners for our changing pad. They make all of these soft, cute covers but if you think about it, doesn't it sort of defeat the purpose of having a waterproof changing pad? I'd much rather just wipe the pad down after each use instead of worrying about getting poo all over a nice cover, although they do look much nicer than a plain white plastic pad!

    With my daughter a cover was a necessity.  When she would pee on the pad it would roll up her back and get in her hair.  Then we had to give her a bath.  The cover kept the pee from getting all over her.

    I never used a liner, I have more then one cover so when one got dirty I would just throw it in the wash and put a clean one on. 

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    I think my changing pad is waterproof, but I do put on a cover (sorta feels like velour).  I don't put anything inbetween.  However, I do on the changer attachment on our mini crib bc the changing pad isn't waterproof.  I just used a mattress liner and cut it to fit the pad.  So I have like 4 of them or so that fit the pad perfectly.  I want to say they were BRU brand, but I honestly have no idea.  I got them at my shower two years ago for DD. 


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  • image amypogg6:
    We have Boppy brand ones that are waterproof. They come in a 3 pack. We have been using the same 3 since Em was born and are going to use them for DD2 too. We like them a lot and just throw them in the wash when they get dirty or weekly if they don't get dirty.


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  • It seems like overkill to me.

    So you have a waterproof changing pad. And you get a cover for it so it can look cute and be comfy for baby. But then you have to get a waterproof pad to put over the cover so it doesn't get dirty.

    Why not leave the cover off? lol. 


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  • Faith7Faith7
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    From what I've read in changing pad reviews, the plastic/vinyl around many of them tears after a year or two of hard use, especially in the corners.  Then the foam is exposed, and is difficult to clean, and so forth.  I believe a changing pad cover helps to protect the changing pad from wear and tear, while the waterproof part just protects the foam inside from getting soiled.

    I read a review that recommended chux pads as changing pad liners because they were so absorbent and could be tossed away.  Not that it would be practical for daily use, but it might help with blowouts or nighttime changes when you're not fully awake.

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