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Another 4 month sleep regression question

For those of you who have been through this already, how long did it last?  And then did your LO go back to their previous sleep pattern?  

My LO isn't getting up every hour or anything, thank God.  But, she has been getting up one or two more times a night than she did.  She used to sleep 12 hours, only getting up once after 8 or 9 hours and then right back to sleep.  It was heavenly and I miss it!

Re: Another 4 month sleep regression question

  • A couple, few weeks. But they change all the time, so I just figure she doesn't have a "normal".

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  • I'm on a similar situation, so I'm not much help. DD was sleeping 12 hours waking only once to eat. She hit her 4 months birthday and started getting up 4 or more times (and she eats, not just snacks). I want so badly to get more sleep so I stop getting sick!
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  • With both of my girls they were STTN for about a month before hitting the 4 month wakeful period. Then they started waking up multiple times a night. Unfortunately for us it never got better for DD1 until she was 1. DD2 is now 5 months and still wakes up twice.

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  • I just notied you're post under the one I just wrote... I wish I could tell you it is getting better for us... :P Someday we will all make it through it! I don't hear of too many 5 year olds waking up 3, 4 or 5 times a night to eat anyway :)
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  • Our lo never sleeps straight for 12 hours.  He always knows his feeding time and wakes up every 3-4 hours. we would like to know either
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    We had same problem with regression.  Happened when we transitioned into crib and out of swaddle.  Was rough for a few weeks, but we have settled back into a routine.  We found the merlin magic sleepsuit which helped and I think it was a lot of change at once.

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