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Cry baby, is it a girl thing?

I have been blessed with a beautiful little girl. Until recently she was a wonderful baby. Now it seems that she wants to be either held all the time or you must be in her sight or she will scream like someone is hurting her. This is my 3rd child, the others never did this. Is it a girl thing or what? I am not one to give in and hold her everytime she cries, but nothing helps. Please tell me it's a phase and it will soon pass...

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Re: Cry baby, is it a girl thing?

  • I dont think it's necessarily a girl thing but a baby thing.  My daughter does this too. I am pretty sure it's a phase.  She's getting better at it though.  My sitter's grandson is WAY worse and needs to be held ALL the time!
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  • Just sounds like a phase to me. DS went through the same thing, so it isn't a "girl thing."
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  • My DS has been doing this since he has entered the world Smile  I can't leave a room without him screaming for me (he is almost 11 months old).  Sounds like your LO is going through a phase though. 

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  • I really do hope that it is a phase. My others were so independant and play so well by themselves. Don't get me wrong, I love to cuddle and hold her, but this is ridiculous.
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  • I have a son who is 10 months and he is exactly like this.  Well, not exactly.  He doesn't need to be held all the time, but he definitely needs one of us to be within his arm's reach of him at ALL times.  It gets tiring.  I have found that since starting daycare a few weeks ago he hasn't gotten a bit better.  Now he can sit and play by himself for up to 10 minutes on some days without reaching for us.
  • She is about the right age for a bit of Separation Anxiety.  Could she be teething? Sometimes they get a little clingy when they are uncomfortable.
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    It's not a girl thing, it's a baby thing. It's called separation anxiety and will typically hit anywhere from 8 - 14 months or so. And yes, this too shall pass. :)
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  • "A girl thing"? Hmm
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  • I don't think there really are "girl things" and "boy things" when it comes to infants.  Except it's definitely a boy thing to get peed on every time you change a diaper.  For me, DS was the crier.  He had colic and was miserable for a long time.  DD has been a super easy baby.  When she cries, it's because there's something wrong, and it can be fixed.  When DS cried, he just cried no matter what.

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  • I just wondered if it was a "girl thing" because my boys didn't do it. They were really good babies and so is she, just not liking being out of anyones sight. She is getting better, just has her days. I did find that the diapers I bought for her were irritating and had to change them. Who knew that going from a Pampers Baby Dry to a Pampers Cruiser would make that much difference?
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