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PIP Baby Declan

Short Story: Declan Todd born at 8:21pm at 8lbs 8oz and 20 inches long on May 9th.

Long Story: I had a scheduled appt at 9am and was then sent over to the hospital for induction. My membranes were stripped at the appt and that got contractions every 4 minutes. I had my water broke at 11 and progressed from a 4 to 7cm by 2:00pm. I had been in the shower which really seemed to relax me and get me progressing.

They transitioned me to the tub and things started to slow down. My contractions spread to every 7 minutes. I decided to try to kick start it by getting back in the shower. It did help but things went very slow and I was exhausted.

Around 7pm I started having the need to push but I got sick. I ended up pushing and vomiting at the same time which doesn't leave much room for breathing. I ended up with the baby oxygen mask in my face for extra moving air.

At 8:21pm I successfully delivered my beautiful baby boy into the water and was able to sit in the water and have skin to skin while DH cut the cord.

We are doing great and may be getting to go home tonight if everything looks good with Declan.

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